Overturned speeding car makes case for 20 mile an hour zones


Oveturned car on Woodplace Lane at 6.50am Sunday 16 November
(c) Neil Marshall

More and more residents are looking to Croydon Council to adopt 20 mile an hour zones or traffic calming measures in some residential areas because of the dangerous speed of through traffic. The Council has promised that there will be consultation where residents want them and it is working on them. It will take some time for all the areas be studied and consulted on.

Kathy Bee, the Cabinet Member for ??? Transport and Environment explained the approach in answers to questions by Councillors at the 6 October Council meeting.

CQ427-14. ‘The Council are committed to improving the environment and safety of all road users and residents of the borough, there are a number of benefits on introducing 20mph limits where residents want them. These include reducing traffic speeds, reduction of collisions and casualties and a greater chance of survival of pedestrians in collisions at lower speeds. Experience in areas where these have been introduced has seen a reduction in average speeds. These streets should therefore provide a pleasant and safe place for people to walk, meet and socialise. This should also ncourage more people to walk in the local area, which could greatly assist in improving health and tackling obesity. Cyclists should be able to negotiate local residential streets without the threat of collisions from fast moving motorised traffic.

The Metropolitan Police have indicated that they will enforce the 20mph speed limit to the same degree that they currently enforce the 30mph limit. Even without enforcement, there is research which shows that if a small percentage of motorists comply with a 20mph limit that then reduces the average speed in a road. On the whole there is some reduction in both average and highest speeds in the absence of active enforcement. To complement the police enforcement the local Safer Neighbourhood team can provide their ‘Road Watch’ project. This project uses local resident volunteers, supported by the Police Community Support Officers, to monitor traffic speeds using laser guns and electronic display signs. The information gathered by the teams is then passed on to the Metropolitan Police, to target regular offenders for speed enforcement. The day-to-day management of ‘Road Watch’ is carried out by the Metropolitan Police’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams and the Waddon Safer Neighbourhood Team can be contacted on telephone number 020 8649 3512. For further information on the Safer Neighbourhood teams, see their web site at:- http://www.met.police.uk/teams/croydon/index.php.’

CQ424-14. ‘Our intention is to roll out 20 mph in residential streets in wide areas rather than individual streets or small groups of streets. The boundaries of the areas have yet to be finalised. It is likely that Shirley residents will be consulted on whether they wish to have 20 mph speed limits as part of a wider area. The results of the consultation will determine whether residential streets in Shirley have 20 mph speed limits.’

CQ397-14.  ‘Local residents will be consulted on the possible introduction of area wide 20mph speed limits, but the exact methods likely to be used are yet to be decided upon. Councillor Mohan may recall from the Scrutiny committee that the current thinking is  to set up a working group with key stakeholders to help direct this project forward.  We will also be talking to other boroughs in order to establish best practice in the design, consultation and delivery of this project.’

CQ450-14. ‘Cllr Thompson will know from the recent scrutiny meeting on this subject that the Council is still in the early stages of developing plans for the area wide 20mph speed limits. Our current thinking is to introduce 20mph speed limits across a large area rather than in small localised areas and/or individual roads as this provides a better cost benefit. Further discussions are taking place and the Council is looking to introduce a single area comprising up to 20% of the borough in the first year. A working group will be set up develop and further this proposal.’

Although it did not overturn another speeding driver

round Croindene Rd round into Bishops Park Ave

a few weeks ago smashed into two parked vehicles in late evening.


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