New accessible information of West Indies slave plantations 1831, and of disturbances in Britain

The on-going National Archives cataloguing projects include the following of use to historians of Black Britain, the West Indies, the Jacobite uprisings, South Africa, First World Wear officer personnel and labour history and are accessible on the TNA Discovery catalogue.

PWLB 11 West India Relief Commissioners: Mortgage Indentures (1767-1845)

These documents were submitted to the West Indian Relief Commission as evidence of ownership to support applications for loans and mortgages following the Great Barbados Hurricane in 1831. They include mortgage indentures and related documents relating to some 120 plantations in Jamaica, Barbados, St Lucia, St Vincent, Trinidad, British Guyana and Dominica from the 1760s onwards. Visually impressive, many of the mortgages include inventories and lists of slaves.

This series is an important source on the financing of plantations in the Caribbean. They complement the slave registers in series T 71, which have been used extensively by UCL’s current Legacies of British Slave Ownership project and other financial records in Treasury series. Please see the West Indian Relief Commission page on the UK Government Web Archive for details of related records.

CO 633 Colonial Office: Union of South Africa Sessional Papers

2,174 item descriptions.

WO 339 War Office: Officers’ Services, First World War, Long Number Papers (numerical)

Records and correspondence for Regular Army and Emergency Reserve officers who served in the First World War. The content of the files varies from a note supplying date of death, to a file of several parts containing attestation papers, record of service, personal correspondence and various other information. The re-cataloguing now gives for names and as well as surname for the 139,912 descriptions

H0 40 Home Office: Disturbances Correspondence

56 bound volumes – summary descriptions of the contents, listing place names and subjects included therein.

SP 41 State Papers Naval, SP 42 State Papers Military

15 pieces of State Papers Naval (SP 41/3-6, 11-18, 34, 41, 48) and 14 pieces of State Papers Military (SP 42/6-8, 14-17, 27, 29-31, 67-68, 111). detail the government response to the risings of 1715 and 1745 as well as to the failed invasions, and includes intelligence on global Jacobite activity. Some 5,120 new catalogue descriptions have been created, allowing historians and researchers improved access to these important yet under-used collections.

Digital Microfilm

A full list of what is now available can be found

The Dutch National Archive has received  a grant for preparation and digitisation of the following boxes of colonial records of Dutch Guyana and Demerara:

HCA 30 & CO 166 HCA 30/756, 761/1, 761/2, 767, 769/1, 769/2, 769/3, 770/1, 770/2, 771-1, 771-2

CO 116/18-136

High Court of Admiralty, and Supreme Court of Judicature, High Court of Justice, Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division: Admiralty Miscellanea.

Colonial Office and predecessors: British Guiana, formerly Berbice, Demerara and Essiquibo, Miscellanea including Papers of the Dutch West India Company.

 The above is edited from reports to the

TNA User Advisory Group meeting on 16 December.

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