Croydon Black and Radical History Events in June Heritage Festival

Preliminery notice of Croydon Blsck and Radical History events in the Croydon Heritage Festival

Croydon Radical History Network events:

Croydon’s  Slavery Links and the black presence

Two talks by Nick Draper (Legacies of British Slave-ownership project)

and Sean Creighton (Croydon Radical History Network)

Monday 22 June. 7pm. Terrace Lounge, Fairfield Halls, Croydon

Free no need to book.

Introduction to  history of Croydon Labour movement in the late Victorian and Edwardian period

Talk by Sean Creighton (Croydon Radical History Network)

Tuesday 23 June. 7pm. Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Rd, CR0 1BD

Free no need to book. Donation will be requested towards costs.

The Development of Democracy and Rights in Britain

Talk by Sean Creighton on the the development of ideas for democracy to commemorate the 400th aanniversary of John Lilburne leader of the Levellers.

Wednesday 24 June. 7pm. Ruskin House. 23 Coombe Rd, CR0 1BD

Free no need to book. Donation will be requested towards costs

Ancestral Voices – Olaudah Equiano and Black Emancipation 

Matthews Yard, Surrey St, CR0 1FF

  • Saturday 27 June. 2-5pm

2-3pm.  Brycchan Carey: Olaudah Equiano and the Black Abolitionists: An Overview

Brycchan Carey works at Kingston University and is an expert on black abolitionists

3-4pm. Arthur Torrington: The Life and Times of Ignatius Sancho

Arthur Torrington runs the Equiano Society

4-5pm. Anti-slavery readings

  • Sunday 28 June, 2-5 & 7.30-10pm

2pm-3pm. Cugoano & Equiano

Martin Hoyles. Cugoano Against Slavery

Out of the three leading black figures in eighteenth-century England (Sancho, Equiano and Cugoano), Ottobah Cugoano is the least well known. Yet he was the most radical, campaigning not just against the slave trade but for a ‘total abolition of slavery’. In 1787 Cugoano published his book Thoughts and Sentiments on the Evil and Wicked Traffic of the Slavery and Commerce of the Human Species. His passionate rhetoric and reasoned argument make this book a milestone in anti-slavery literature. Martin Hoyles is author of the biography of Cugoano

Arthur Torrington. Olaudah Equiano, Haiti and Emancipation

Arthur Torrington runs the Equiano Society.

3pm-4pm – Play Olaudah Equiano, The Enslaved African

Set in the heart of West Africa during the height of the British slave trade, ‘Olaudah Equiano, The Enslaved African’ is an honest, uncompromising and moving portrayal of Olaudah Equiano’s early life.

“One of the best pieces of historical theatre I have seen in a number of years.”Dr Matthew Dziennik, British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies

For more information please visit

4.20-5pm. Q&A with Adam Tulloch, Writer and Director

Adam Tulloch is the writer and director of ‘Olaudah Equiano, The Enslaved African’ and the founder of Total Insight Theatre, a non-profit educational organisation, which uses theatre to inspire and empower young people. In this post-show discussion he will be joined by members of the cast to discuss the motivations and processes behind the production.

7.30-8.30pm. Equiano, Haiti & the Wars with France

Arthur Torrington. Olaudah Equiano, Haiti and Emancipation

Sean Creighton. Black Soldiers and Sailors in the Wars with France

 8.30pm-9.30pm. Play – see above

9.30pm. Discussion of play – see above

There will be a charge for the Ancestral Voices events at Matthews Yard which will be bookable through the Croydon Heritage Festival website.

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Network event:

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor walk around his homes in Selhurst

Walk led by Sean Creighton

Thursday 25 June. 6pm.

Free but you will need to book later via the Croydon Heritage Festival website..


About seancreighton1947

Since moving to Norbury in July 2011 I have been active on local economy, housing and environment issues with Croydon TUC and Croydon Assembly. I am a member of the Love Norbury Residents Associations Planning & Transport Committees, and Chair of Nobury Community Land Trust. I write for Croydon Citizen at I co-ordinate the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Croydon Radical History Networks and edit the North East Popular Politics database. History Project.. I give history talks and lead history walks. I retired in 2012 having worked in the community/voluntary sector and on heritage projects. My history interests include labour movement, mutuality, Black British, slavery & abolition, Edwardian roller skating and the social and political use of music and song. I have a particular interest in the histories of Battersea and Wandsworth, Croydon and Lambeth. I have a publishing imprint History & Social Action Publications.
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