Croydon Local Plan Presentation to Streets and Environment Scrutiny Sub-Committee – 24 November

These are the main slides in the officers presentation on the Local Plan to the Streets and Environment Scrutiny Sub-Committee meeting on 24 November

 Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies Current Position

Adopted in April 2013

  • 20,200 homes 2011 – 2031
  • At least 7,300 homes in the Croydon Opportunity Area (COA)
  • Strong employment floor space retention
  • Renewal of the Opportunity Area retail core
  • I Infrastructure needs set out in the Infrastructure Delivery Plan
  • 16 Places of Croydon

Ambitious for Croydon – Local Plan

  • Increase housing supply
  • Increase affordable housing supply
  • Focus on District Centres and new neighbourhood centres
  • Croydon Opportunity Area retail core renewal
  • Employment opportunities and economic growth
  • Increase emphasis on culture
  • Alignment with The Croydon Promise, Croydon Growth Zone and Place Plans

Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies – Partial Review (CLP1.1) – Why needed?

  • Adoption of the Further Alterations of the London Plan (FALP) (2015) – minimum housing target of 1,435 per annum – London Plan conformity necessary
  • Optimise housing supply through increased densities in centres and sustainable growth of the suburbs
  • Identify Neighbourhood Centres
  • Review of employment locations / employment protection policies
  • Introduction of East Croydon office retention area
  • New Local Heritage Areas
  • Archaeological Priority Areas Review

Ambitious for Croydon within the Local Plan

  • Homes for Croydon residents to meet the needs of a growing population ensuring our children have places to live
  • Greater supply of affordable homes
  • Neighbourhood centres to enable existing and growing communities to flourish
  • Revitalisation of District Centres and Croydon Opportunity Area as destinations
  • Infrastructure planning to ensure growth is appropriately accommodated
  • Responsible planning to keep the future of Croydon in the hands of Croydon

Croydon Local Plan – Preferred Growth Option

  • The Local Plan will deliver at least 1,435 (FALP) dwellings per annum
  • Development within the urban area only to accord with national planning policy and ensure conformity with London Plan policy
  • Sources of housing supply 2016 – 2036
  • Croydon Opportunity Area (COA)
  • Urban sites beyond COA
  • Windfall sites and sustainable growth of the suburbs
  • Sites under construction

Croydon Local Plan – Housing Supply Sources

Housing Supply Source

Croydon Opportunity Area: approx. 9,500

Windfall/Sustainable Growth of the Suburbs: approx: 10,500

Urban sites beyond Croydon Opportunity Area: approx.. 9,000

Croydon Local Plan: Detailed Policies and Proposals (CLP2)

Why needed:

  • Provide updated development management planning policies
  • Include site proposals (land use allocations) to meet the growth in CLP1.1 – Strategic Policies – Partial Review:
  • Housing
  • Schools (primary and secondary)
  • Health facilities

Ambitious for Croydon within the Local Plan

  • Identification of opportunity areas for renewal / growth
  • High quality homes with amenity space
  • New tech, cultural and creative enterprise centres
  • Greater protection for borough’s most important Local Green Spaces
  • Stronger policies to reduce flooding
  • Restrictions on hot food/take-away units
  • Pub protection policy
  • Restrictive care home policy to align with need

Croydon Local Plan – Programme

“Call for Sites”. Spring 2012

Consultation on CLP2: Detailed Policies (Preferred and Alternative Options). October – November 2013

Cabinet agreement to consult. September 2015

Consultation on CLP1.1: Partial Review and CLP2: Detailed Policies and Proposals (Preferred and Alterative Options). November – December 2015

Publication of Proposed Submission versions of CLP1.1: Partial Review and CLP2: Detailed Policies and Proposals . Spring/Summer 2016

Submission of CLP1.1: Partial Review and CLP2: Detailed Policies and Proposals to the Secretary of State. Late 2016

Examinations. Early 2017

Adoption of CLP1.1: Partial Review and CLP2: Detailed Policies and Proposals as the Council’s planning policies (to be known as CLP 2017). Late 2017

There are also slides with a couple of maps and the consultation dates. The full presentation can be seen here:

Croydon Local Plan Powerpoint SES20151124_07_02_Appendix_1 (1) (1)

For details of my briefing papers see


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