Plans for Croydon’s Electric House

Corrected 28 February. Company name 28 February (thanks to readers). Confusion caused because called Stairview in the documentation to the Whitgift CPO inquiry.

Starview Estates Ltd has submitted plans for the comprehensive refurbishment and addition to Electric House on Wellesley Rd, a grade II listed building (Planning application 15/05761/P). Andrew Kennedy writes ion Historic Croydon: ‘The ground floor will be developed as new retail and the upper floors as residential with new additions. Many of the original features were obliterated when the building was used by the Border Agency and previous occupiers. ….The building has a central courtyard, an attractive feature that will be retained.

Further information can be found in the Design and Access Statement listed under documents on the Council’s online register.

It is clear from that statement that the officers are supportive of the scheme.

Commenting on their pre-application discussions with the planners, the company’s agents say that  the officers:

  • are ‘broadly happy with the loss of the existing offices and the mix and proportion of uses in the proposed development.’
  • want ‘consideration given to ‘floor mosaic and other heritage elements that may be uncovered.’
  • ‘happy to take a view in relation to the elements of the scheme that do not fully comply with the Mayor’s Housing SPG, bearing in mind the constraints we are working with for the existing building. This includes the provision of single aspect dwellings and the provision of ‘internalised’ private amenity space (in lieu of external private amenity space).’
  • ‘are relatively comfortable with us only providing 1 and 2 bed homes bearing in mind the central location of the site and the residential amenity constraints associated with working with an existing building.’
  • want the originally ‘proposed 8 commercial parking spaces to be omitted to make way for an attractive landscape scheme that provides more communal amenity space for residents.’
  • want ‘the appointment of a landscape architect and preparation of a more detailed landscaping strategy’ and improved ‘access to amenity space’ and ‘more communal amenity space’
  • want consideration of the external lighting strategy
  • want consideration to disabled access to commercial units needs’
  • demolition drawings to be provided

The heritage statement provides a useful history of the building. 

Starwiew’s Objections to Whitgift CPO

Starview was one of the objectors to the Whitgift Centre CPO, arguing:

  • The acquiring authority has made no attempts to acquire our client’s interest by agreement and therefore the CPO has been made prematurely.
  • The underlying purposes of the Order, particularly in relation to plot 57, can be achieved without the acquisition of our client’s interest.
  • It has not been demonstrated that there is a compelling case in the public interest to justify an acquisition with compulsion.
  • The proposed scheme has not been proven to be financially viable and capable of being delivered.
  • The rights, in respect of Plot 57, included within the Order are excessive and many constitute development which exceeds the scope and understanding of what constitutes ‘a Right’.
  • No details have been provided of the mitigation works that will take place to protect my clients retained Interest.

They also objected to the Stopping Up Order that went alongside the CPO arguing that:

  • they would lose their vehicular right of access to their property, and to date, no alternative arrangements have been suggested.
  • they would lose their pedestrian right of access to their property and to date no alternative arrangements have been suggested.
  • the stopping up order is not in the public interest.
  • pedestrianisation will significantly increase the risk of conflict between pedestrians and vehicles should such arrangements be considered.

Such objections were ignored by the Inspector who recommended the CPO and Stopping Order which the Secretary of State then endorsed.

But who are Starview?

They are a company based in Stamford Hill.

The Directors include Jacob Schreiber, who is involved in over 100 companies, Mrs Rifka Niederman who is involved in over 70 companies.


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