Useful Answers to 29 February Croydon Council Meeting Questions

As usual it is always worth looking through the answers to Council questions to the Leader and the Cabinet members. Because the 29 February meeting was a budget setting one only Councillor questions were permitted, not ones from the public. A large number of the questions related to the budget and the Government cuts in funding. Answers on Fairfield Halls and street trading licences are included in the blog posting:

Consultants Review Social Care Programme

£186.5k is being spent on consultants carrying out initial scoping work on the Transformation of the Social Care Programme. (CQ139-16)

Domiciliary Care Agencies Paying LWW

Through contract clauses and monitoring contracted Domiciliary Care Agencies are paying the London Living Wage. (Answer to CQ160-16)

N.£2m to Replace Pay and Display Machines

Due to changes in coinage next year the Council estimates it will have to spend £,1576,455 in capital costs, and £258,500 in revenue costs to make changes to the pay and display machines for car parking charges. (CQ111-16)

Looked After Children

Since April 2014 the number of local looked after children had been reduced from 448 to 386, and the total budget on placements for them (inc. adoption and special guardianship) had reduced by £764,427 between 2014/15 and 2015/16. (CQ112-16)

Youth Service Cuts

Subject to staff consultation the Council’s Youth Service will be cut by 3 full-time and one part time (18hrs) management posts. The proposed Youth Zone project is expected to provide services for 3,000 young people from 2018. (CQ114-16)

Mayor’s GLA Element of Council Tax Cut

The Mayor’s cut in the element of Council Tax for his Office and the Greater London Assembly is largely due to the ending of the cost London Council tax payers have been making to the London Olympics. (CQ145-16)

Council Tax by Ward

In the year 2014-15 the Council was due to collect £174,550,517.24 in Council Tax. It achieved 97.1% payment rate bringing in £169,485,711.73. The ward breakdown shows that the lowest payment rate is in North Croydon, presumably as a result of the high-turnover in population due the private rental market. Service expenditure is not allocated to wards. (CQ162 & 170-16)

Community Infrastructure Levy Income

Since May 2014 the Council has received £2,969,644 in Community Infrastructure Levy in Coulsdon, out of £4,763,135 for Croydon as a whole. ((CQ103-16)

Council Protects Spatial Planning Team

No staff cuts are being made to the Spatial Planning Service’s team, which is undertaking the Local Plan amendments project. However the planning the Development Management service has made unspecified ‘savings’ amounting to £375,000, and plans to cut two posts. (CQ126 & 127-16)

Council Builds 74 Homes

The Council has completed building 74 new homes. (CQ143-16).

Council investigates Cultural Development Trust

Cabinet member Timothy Godfrey says that the Council has ‘investigated the options for the development of a Cultural Development Trust for the delivery of cultural services and development in the Borough. This work was developed with PWC at a cost of £65K. A budget of £47k is available for further consultayncy work in 2016. (CQ095-16)

Bereavement Service Cuts

£326k ‘savings’ are planned for the Bereavement Services over the next two years. This will be counterbalanced by a hoped for increase in income of £171k in 2016-17 by developing new services: non-service cremations, baby naming, vow renewal ceremonies, memorial sales, opening hours for nationality checks and extra time for more  cremations.(CQ106-16)

Leisure Services Review

The Council is undertaking a review of leisure provision. (CQ122-16)

Flytipping Clear-up

The Council has increased the collection of fly tips within 48 hours of notification from 3% under the Tory administration to 78%. ‘The income from enforcement activities is projected to be £57,687 for 2015/16’. ‘Unfortunately when there is a successful prosecution brought by the council the only income that we are able to received is recovery of costs and additional money is kept by the courts.’ (CQ119 & 148-16)

The full set of Questions and Answers can be seen via:





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