Black History Events & Notes At 31 October

IHR Seminars November

Thursday 3 November. 6pm. Refusing to listen to her voice: The Commonwealth, Mrs Thatcher and South Africa. Sue Onslow (School of Advanced Study, University of London)

Monday 14 November. 5.15pm. Negotiation and Conflict in West Africa: The Portuguese Fort of Ajudá and the Social History of Afro-European Relations in the Bight of Benin. Carlos Silva, Jr. (Universidade Federal da Bahia)

Tuesday 15 November. 5.15pm. The Imperialism of decolonization?: Oxford, Cambridge and the Colonial Service. Sarah Stockwell (King’s College London)

Friday 18 November. 5.15pm. A Silver River in a Silver World: Dutch merchants in the South Atlantic, 1640s-1740s. David Freeman (Kansas City University)

Monday 21 November. 5.30pm. High Hopes – Labour and the rise and fall of High Rise housing. John Boughton (Municipal Dreams blog),

Tuesday 29 November. 5.15pm. Greyscale and Colour: The Hues of Nation and Empire c. 1945-1960. Lynda Nead (Birkbeck, University of London)

These seminars take place at Senate House, Malet St/Russell Square.

Monday 7 November. 5.15-7pm. African Influence in Renaissance Theatre

‘The idea of ‘Race’ is a socially constructed phenomenon. In Shakespeare’s works there are ideas of difference, some of these are negative, others are positive. Many academics emphasise the negative and ignore the positive, assuming these negative notions mean that people in sixteenth-century England were all racist. After all were not Englishmen enslaving Africans, was not a Letter written on 11 and 18 July 1596 to expel Africans from England? Onyeka challenges the way we perceive England in the sixteenth century. A deeper exploration of literature, politics and laws demonstrates that not all references to people of African descent were derogatory. Attitudes towards African people in Tudor England were not habitually negative and our desire to see it as such is more to do with now and Victorian revisionism – than then. During this event actors will be reading excerpts from
Young Othello for the first time.’


Bumper BBH Events Listing from Kwaku

 Black History Walks Events Listing

SKN Nottingham Seeks Voting Help

HLF and British Black History

Arthur Wharton Heritage Project

Back in 2010 the HLF  funded  the Arthur Wharton Heritage Project in Yorkshire, about the life of the footballer from the Gold Coast in Victorian and Edwardian period.

The project has a website at

Academic Writings

The following in PDF format can be downloaded from

Trade, war and revolution The role of violence in the origins of Latin American capitalism (1776-1820)

Naija Marxisms: Revolutionary Thought in Nigeria

Appreciation of W. E. B. Du Bois

The Journal of Negro History

The Journal of Negro History  founded by the US historian Carter G. Woodson. It contains many articles of relevance to those interested in British Black History and Slavery and post-slavery in the British West Indies.

Here are examples from Vol  31 (1946)

William Wells Brown as an Historian

George Washington Williams, Historian

Obituary of Herbert S H Macaulay

Arthur Holt, An Anglican Clergyman, Reports on Barbados, 1725-1733. (re- Society for the Propagation of the Gospel’s slave plantation at Codrington College). He speaks for Negro rights, bitterly protests against the slave regime, and crushed by the planter aristocracy he applied in 1732 to be transferred to North America.

Vol 44. 1959

Empire or Anarchy: The Jamaica Rebellion of 1865

The African Gentlemen, A Chapter in the Slave Trade

Barbadoes The Last Years of Slavery 1823-33

It would be very useful if a student would compile a complete index of articles of relevance to us in Britain.

I have a copy of each volume for sale at £10 each plus postage:


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