History Events & News at 12 December

V&A Galleries Guided Tours

Meet at The Meeting Point, Grand Entrance, V&A.

Friday 16 December. 4pm. Storytelling and Survival

Volunteer Tour Guide Sheba Montserrat will lead this guided tour at the V&A through selected artefacts and relay the stories that remind us that Caribbean history is an unclaimed chapter of European history.  Art and Re-design of survival in the Caribbean.

Friday 16 December. 7.30pm. Exploration, Exploitation and Global Trade 1600 – 1815

This period saw a dramatic increase in military, political and cultural control across the globe including the coasts of Africa. Tobacco, sugar, and humans were imported from the New into the Old World, contributing wealth to the rise of new Empires.  Black images in Art and Design became more prevalent in the religious and secular world. Although enslavement was on the rise, some black Africans rose to positions of power and prestige, as seen in the beautiful works within the European galleries.

Volunteer Tour Guide Margaret Raffin at V&A.

Saturday 17 December. 4pm  Mysterious Spectacle:  The African Representation in European Art

An exploration of images of Africans in European Art from 1600 – 1815.  The rise of the transatlantic slave trade and the presence of black people in Europe is illustrated in varied artefacts and paintings.  V&A  Volunteer Tour Guide – Joy Johnson will consider the concept of the exotic African image and their significance in European culture.

Friday 6 January. 3pm & 7.30pm. V&A African Heritage Tours in Europe 1600 – 1815 Galleries

Then weekly except last week of each month.

Saturday 7 January. 3pm.  African Heritage Tours in Europe 1600 – 1815 Galleries

Then weekly except last week of each month.

IHR Reconfiguring the British: Nation, Empire, World 1600-2000/

Modern British History Combined Seminars

Wolfson Room II (NB01, Basement), IHR, Senate House starting at 5.30. They normally meet before the seminar in the IHR Common Room from 5pm. All Welcome!!

Thursday 12 January. 5.30pm. Making Tolerant Subjects: Racism and the State in Postwar Britain

Camilla Schofield (East Anglia)

Thursday 26 January. 5.30pm. Reconfiguring heritage in Britain

Astrid Swenson (Brunel)

Thursday 9 February. 5.30pm. Feeding Europe under British Rationing: Relief Efforts for the Continent after the Second World War

Kelly Spring (IHR)

23 February.  5.30pm. The elephant not in the room: absence, nostalgia and the memory of empire

Chris Jeppesen (UCL)

Thursday 9 March. 5.30pm. Chattel slavery/“wage slavery”: reconfiguring free and unfree labour, 1833-1848

Keith McClelland (UCL)

Thursday 23 March. 5.30pm. British Art in America: The G. F. Watts Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1884-5

Chris Jeppesen (UCL) & Chloe Ward (QMUL)

Memorial 2007 Needs £1m Following Planning Consent

Memorial 2007 after being granted planning permission from Westminster Council now need £1 million for the first national memorial in Britain recognising the enslaved victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade for a monument in Hyde Park. Please see trailer as part of the fundraising campaign.


Leeds Black and Minority Ethnic Historians’ Workshop 20 April

Call for Participants

People from black and minority ethnic communities are underrepresented in history as a discipline and across the Higher Education sector in general. As the recent Runnymede Trust report found, racial inequality marks all levels of HE, from undergraduate students through to university senior management (Aiming Higher, 2015). At the same time, in recent years student movements calling for university curricula and campuses to be decolonized have proliferated. With this context in mind, this workshop will provide a space for historians of colour trained and/or working in UK academic institutions to come together to discuss the particular issues that we face working in a predominantly white field. The intention is for the workshop to foster networks of support in the discipline, in order to draw attention to discriminatory practices and to share experiences. We hope that the workshop will build momentum for future initiatives.

The workshop is for both established and early career academics, including postgraduate researchers. In recognition of the current climate of anti-immigration rhetoric and policy, we encourage participation from non-British academics. At the same time, the workshop hopes to highlight the underrepresentation of British BME communities within the discipline.


 Race in History teaching and learning

 Race in historical research and publishing

 Institutional, structural, implicit and explicit racism in HE

If you would like to participate in the workshop as a panellist by presenting a short 10 minute paper, or by contributing to a roundtable discussion, please send an email indicating which strand you would like to contribute to, along with a 100-word academic biography to: j.saha@leeds.ac.uk. Deadline for Submission: 3 March 2017

There are limited funds to subsidise travel and accommodation costs.

If you would like to attend the workshop please register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bme-historians-workshop-tickets-29889265598  

New Publications

“Slaves or Soldiers? African Conscripts in Portuguese India, 1857-1860”

Download at


William Joyce, Lord Haw-Haw

Colin Holmes (Professor Emeritus of History, University of Sheffield)’s long awaited  book Searching for Lord Haw-Haw: The Political Lives of William Joyce is now available from Routledge. For Holmes’s discussion about it see


What DNA reveals about St Helena’s freed slaves



BFI Showcases Black Britain On Film

Watch rare black films and TV programmes – BFI’s new digital collection




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