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Rickmansworth and Heronsgate (O’Connorville), Hertfordshire

Speakers will include Ian Haywood, Alun Howkins and Les James.

Further details will be available from Katrina Navickas

 2017 Chartist Calendar

Freely downloadable from the Chartist Ancestors website

Chartism in Tameside

is the subject of a detailed webpage hosted by Tameside Metropolitan Council. See

 Asa Briggs

As Stephen Roberts remarks on his blog page

the obituaries of Asa Briggs had little to say about Asa and Chartist studies. However, in a ‘Roundtable on Asa Briggs’ legacy’, just published in Labour History Review (81/3, 2016), John Belchem, Rohan McWilliam, Richard Price and Eileen Yeo all refer to this aspect of his work.

Publications on Chartism, 2016

 This list is almost certainly incomplete. Please send any further items to Malcolm Chase (

 Rob Breton, Portraits of the Poor in Early Nineteenth-Century Radical Journalism. Journal of Victorian Culture Volume 21, Issue 2 (2016) (contrasts treatments of working class poverty by Chartist and other journalists)

Jo Briggs, Novelty fair: British visual culture between Chartism and the Great Exhibition. (Manchester University Press, 2016)

Malcolm Chase, Chartism, in Campaigning for change: lessons from history (London: Friends of the Earth, 2016), 40-52 – booklet can be downloaded free from

A new account of George Shell and the Newport Rising. Gwent Local History 119 (2016), 19-26

‘“The real rights of man”: Thomas Spence, Paine and Chartism’. Miranda 13 (2016) – open access journal at

Catherine Howe, Feargus O’Connor and Louisa Nisbett. (Malvern, 2016) – freely available at

David Kennerley, Hofer, The Tell of the Tyrol: Patriotism and the Chartists in Early Victorian Britain’, in Michael Burden, Wendy Heller, Jonathan Hicks and Ellen Lockhart (eds) Staging History, 1780–1840 (Oxford: Bodleian Library, 2016), 80–99

Christine Kinealy, Patrick O’Higgins’, in Emmet O’Connor and John Cunningham (eds). Studies in Irish radical leadership: Lives on the left (Manchester University Press, 2016)

Katrina Navickas, Protest and the politics of space and place 1789-1848 (Manchester University Press, 2016)

Jude Piesse, British settler emigration in print, 1832-77. (Oxford University Press UP, 2016) (includes Chartist attitudes to emigration, especially Northern Star, Lawrence Pitkethly and GWM Reynolds)

Simon Rennie, The poetry of Ernest Jones: myth, song, and the ‘mighty mind’ (Leeds: Legenda, 2016)

Mike Sanders, ‘From ‘Technical’ to ‘Cultural’ Literacy. Reading and Writing within the British Chartist Movement’, in Ann-Catrine Edlund, T. G. Ashplant, Anna Kuismin (eds.), Reading and Writing from Below: Exploring the Margins of Modernity. (Umeå:  Umeå University and the Royal Skyttean Society, 2016), pp. 285-300 – full text freely available via

Greg Vargo, Questions from workers who read: education and self-formation in Chartist print culture and Elizabeth Gaskell’s Mary Barton’. Victorian Literature & Culture 44:1 (2016) 133-161

Edited from the Chartism Newsletter 17 (January 2017) edited and emailed by Malcolm Chase at Leeds University.

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