Peterloo: Books, articles, and essays

The last year has seen a growth published writing on Peterloo, adding to previous published work.


(in date reverse order)

Ballads and songs of Peterloo. Alison Morgan.  (May 2019)

Peterloo. Witnesses to a Massacre. Robert Poole and Polyp. (May 2019)

The Peterloo Massacre. Robert Reid (2018)

Peterloo: Voices, Sabres and Silence. Graham Phythian. (2018)

Peterloo by Eye-witnesses: Accounts of Three Eye-Witnesses fog the 1819 Massacre: Manchester History. Rob Hargreaves and Alan Hampson. (2018)

Peterloo: The Massacre and its Background.  Donald Read. (2018)

Peterloo: The Story of the Manchester Massacre. Jacqueline Riding. (2018)

The Peterloo MassacreJoyce Marlow (2018. reprint of 1969 book)

Quentin Outram & Keith Laybourn. Secular Martyrdom in Britain and Ireland: From Peterloo to the Present. (2018)

Peterloo By Eye-Witnesses: Accounts of Three Eye-Witnesses of the 1819 Massacre: Manchester History. F. A. Bruton. Foreword by Wendy Booth (2017)

Passages of Life of a Radical. Samuel Bamford & Henry Dunkley (ed). (2015). Text also available at

Three Accounts of Peterloo and The Story of Peterloo. F. A. Bruton.  2014 . The Story was originally published in 1919

Return to Peterloo. Robert Poole (2014)

The Casualties of Peterloo. Michael Bush (2007)

Three Accounts of Peterloo by Eye-witnesses: Bishop Stanley Francis Archibald Bruton, Edward Stanley, Sir William George Hylton Joliffe Hylton (1st Baron) Baron, John Benjamin Smith. (The University Press, Manchester. 1921)

Articles, essays and theses

M. L. Bush. The Women at Peterloo: The Impact of Female Reform on the Manchester Meeting of 16 August 1819. History. Vol. 89, No. 2 (294) (April 2004)

James Chandler on Peterloo.

John Charlton. The Wind from Peterloo

Joseph Cozens. The British Left and Contested Memories of Peterloo. (New Socialist. 6 November 2018)

Keith Flett. Peterloo 16th August 1819: why it is important to remember (2015)

Bernadette Hyland. The historical echoes of the Peterloo Massacre

Gwen Riley Jones (digitisation worker)

John Gardner. Peterloo, Cato Street, and Caroline: poetry and popular protest, 1819-1821 (PhD. Glasgow University. 2002)

John Gardner. Suppression of Samuel Bamford’s Peterloo poems. (Romanticism. 2007) For more information on Bamford see:

  1. H. H. Glasgow. The John Lees Inquest of 1819 and the Peterloo Massacre.

Robert Poole. The March to Peterloo: Politics and Festivity in Late Georgian England. (Past and Present. 2006)

Michael Rowland.  Popular working-class song in industrial Lancashire, c. 1832-1862: an investigation of local, political and gender identities. (UCL MPhil, includes references to song about Peterloo. 2007) A pdf is on the internet, with a very longr url. Best to search by author and title

David Strittmatter. The Evolving Rhetoric of Peterloo, 1819–1919. Labour History Review. 83(3). December 2018

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