Croydon General News 1 August

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Covington Way Green Space Housing  Approved

Despite local opposition the Planning Committee approved the building by Brick by Brick of a hideous development on most of the green space at Covington.

The Hawthorn Crescent  application in Selsdon was withdrawn from the Committee. However, there is an on-going treat to several green spaces in Selsdon. See:

We have been warned. Every similar space the Council owns could be handed over to Brick by Brick. See my discussion on the issue at

Building Development News

Selhurst Residents Oppose 12-storey Brick by Brick Tower

New Manager For West Croydon Zodiac Project

Funding New Religious Buildings £1.1m Loan To Charis House

Charis House (previously Grace Tabernacle) has received a £1.1m loan from Unity Trust Bank to renovate a derelict print works on Grenaby Road into a new community centre in Croydon. £1.5m needs to be raised to build the proposed new mosque in Purley which has received planning permission.

Other News

Croydon Building Society Branch Thank Community For Help

Money has been raised through activities including colleague fundraising, public donations and donations from Yorkshire Building Society for its End Youth Homelessness (EYH) partnership. The Society’s branch on George Street, has raised £1,148 for EYH in the three and a half year partnership that has helped over 455 young people and 95 dependent children into their own rented homes.

Police Raid Cannabis Factory Operation

The police discovered a cannabis factory and recovered a suspected firearm and two stolen vehicles during warrants to look for firearms at eight residential addresses in Croydon and Bromley on Thursday.

Croydon Culture and History News

Croydon Music Forward Strategy

Croydon Music and Arts (CMA) is currently working up a delivery plan that responds to Arts Council’s Ten Year Strategy aspiration “to plan, resource and deliver a joined-up cultural education programme” for every child. In the latest Croydon Culture Network Newsletter (29 July) Ciara Brennan, CMA Programme Manager, looks forward ‘to further discussion with culture network members to explore how we can work together to meet the needs of our young people with a brilliant, joined-up, local cultural education programme for Croydon. Feel free to get in touch if you want to find out more.

Croydon History

Kake is stopping updating their London Road Past and Present series
until next year because they are unable to undertake the research needed
because of COVID. (Amended wording at request of Kake 11 August.)

Tania Rahman writes on Saxon Croydon at:

Seldson Wood. A perfect place for a picnic

Black Shamrocks

I am not sure how many people know about the book Black Shamrocks by Croydon resident Gus Nwanokwu, which chronicles his  experience as a half-Nigerian and half-Irish boy in London in the 1960s and 70s,  juggling two cultures and racial identities, amid the harsh realities of racism, classism, and anti-immigration sentiments and bigotry in post-colonial England.

While Gus became a teacher, his sister, Chi Chi became a classical musician and founder of the Chineke! BAME orchestra.

The China Problem

For Croydon supporters of action to protect human rights, the Government’s recent actions against China probably smack of hypocrisy. Britain’s has a long history of stamping on human rights across the world, and denying people even today basic human rights, as evidenced for example in the Windrush Scandal. Therefore the challenge is what can be done here in Croydon.

Croydon Council could make it clear that it will not welcome investment from any more mainland Chinese companies. As far as is known  only one has an investment in the Borough, the Guangzhou-based property developer R&F Properties, which purchased the Nestle Tower and the St. George’s Walk area complex in 2017. It has been converting the Tower into flats, and has demolished most of the site prior to building its new complex of uses including a public square opposite the Town Hall.

The company’s  purchase of the site was welcome to the property industry, including Tom Lickley of Develop Croydon.

A different angle about Chinese investment was taken up by The Daily Mail back in 2014:  ‘The REAL reason your children can’t afford to buy their own house: How China’s  middle classes are snapping up British homes from Liverpool to Croydon before they’re even built’.

The Council could try and get the company to agree that it will not market the flats being built in mainland China, and if they are marketed in Hong Kong, sales should only be to residents of Hong Kong who are eligible to move to Britain under the British Government’s proposals.

Amnesty International’s Assessment of Human Rights in China last year can be read at

A German report provides evidence about the abuses.



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