Black History And Lives News At 25 October

Events Tonight Sunday 25 October


Chineke! orchestra founder Chi-chi Nwanoku on Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

12.15pm. The Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Story

Croydon BME Forum shows Jason Young’s film.

I published Jason’s Mother Seacole short story in 2005.

9pm.  Enslaved with Samuel Jackson

Final episode. BBC2. Then watch on BBC Catchup

9pm.ChiChi on Black Classics

Classic FM.

Events from Tuesday 27 October

Tuesday 27 October.3.30-5pm. Launch of the Beniba Centre for Slavery Studies

Tuesday 27 October. 10.15pm. Hair Power: Me and My Afro

Channel 4

Wednesday 28 October. 1.30pm & 2.30pm. On Board with Robeson

Tayo Aluko outdoors at the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

Wednesday 28 October.9pm. Damiola: The Boy Next Door.

Channel 4

Thursday 29  October. 3.30-5pm.  Since 1804: Haiti and the Movement of Caribbean Freedom

 Prof Matthew J. Smith (UCL) delivers the annual James McCune Smith Memorial Lecture, hosted by the Beniba Centre for Slavery Studies.

Thursday 29 October. 6-7.30pm. The Music, Life and Legacy of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor 

Zoom talk

Friday 30 October. 4-6pm. Do Black Lives Matter in British History?

Talk by David Olusoga for Aston University

Friday 30 October.8.45pm. Sammy Davis Jr.

PBS America

Monday 2 November – Coleridge-Taylor Film

Release by Royal College of Music of a specially commissioned short film.

Tuesday 10 November. 7pm. The Space Between Black and White

Tooting based Esuantsiwa Jane Goldsmith discusses her memoir The Space Between Black and White : ‘A story of self-discovery for a mixed-race woman finding her place in the world with Streatham Library reading group.

Black Lives

David Opoke

Nigerian Pharmacologist. Stud at Bradford University and UCL. (Other Lives Obituary. Guardian Journal. 24 October)

Gary Lee

Executive Chef at the Ivy is interviewed in the October issue of Waitrose Food Magazine.

Black Lives Matter in German History

Recording of IHR Seminar 14 October 2020, accessible at

Black History Month

 South London and Proud

 Black Britons who paved the way

Peter Rowlands. Black History Month needs a wider focus. Letter commenting on Benjamin Zephaniah (13 October). (Guardian. 19 October)

 Merton’s Black History

 Tower Hamlets

 Purple Moon Drama: What Does Black History Month Mean To You?

 Bristol’s Black History

Website created by young people at Project Zazi, part of OTR Bristol – a mental health social movement by and for young people aged 11 to 25.

Staying Power. Photographs of Black British Experience

 V&A with Black Cultural archives exhibition

Reading Museum & Paul Robeson

Working in partnership with the National Portrait Gallery, it announced its latest high-profile display, featuring a portrait of Paul Robeson  in UK in 1958.

George Bridgetower died in Peckham

 The History Of Black Theatre In Britain

 Trade Union View

70 Objeks & Tings

Fifth and final book of Windrush Day Project is about Caribbean culture

The series is now available to read for free online.

English Heritage Podcasts

VOICE Voices of England: How slavery shaped the History and Memory of Slavery discussion with Olivette Otele (Professor, Bristol) SHAPED THE NATION

Black Plaques discussion with curatorial director Anna Eavis and historian Steve Martin (Episode 80)

Dido Elizabeth Bell (Episode 78)

South Sea Bubble (Episode 71)

View at:

 The Culture Wars

 The real black history? The government wants to ban it. Priyamvada Gopal. (Guardian. 20 October) 

Chineke! Orchestra new work inspired by Patrick Hutchinson, who was hailed a hero after carrying a man to safety during clashes between anti-racism protesters and counter-protesters in London in June. See story and video at 

Dan Hicks writes on Museums are being drawn into a fake culture war. Guardian.16 October)

 White Riot – Rock Against Racism. Rubiha Shah (Guardian. 16 October) 

Patriotism is the last refuge if a scandalous Government. Nesrine Malik. (Guardian. 19 October) 

Racism and Class Prejudice at Durham University. (Guardian. 20 October. Letters in editions of 21 and 22 October.) 

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

A Conservative view:

Memoirs of a Londoner: Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

 News From The United States 


 Alvin Hall on the importance of voting in the USA. (Waitrose Weekend. 15 October) 

Conrad West on the USA. (Guardian 2. 19 October)

Samuel Jackson on racism, roots and Trump (Guardian 2. 20 October) 

Oscar Micheaux. Pioneering Black Filmmaker

Inc. Body and Soul (1924) with Paul Robeson in his film debut;

Malcolm X

The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Michael X

New book by Les and Tamar Payne. Reviewed by Kehinde Andrews. Guardian Review. 24 October 

Tayo Aluko’s Activities

On Thursday 22 October Tayo  participated  in The Forum, BBC World Service programme, discussing the life of Paul Robeson, at 7pm gave a Zoom talk on Robeson for Counterfire Liverpool,and at 8pm, narrated  Th’forst munth is th’wurst iv awl, by Ben Lunn, for sound Scotland’s live streamed sound festival – recording available here  until 9 November.

Monday 26 November. Call Mr. Robeson @ Greenwich Theatre, London

Tuesday 27 November. Just An Ordinary Lawyer @ Greenwich Theatre, London

Thursday 29 November. 2pm. Three Sisters: The End of the Project. Zoom Play reading. Details to follow.

Tayo’s poem “Greatness” In a Time of Covidis at


The Price of Life (Africa Now and Then – Slavery

Toby Green. History Today. November

Rejecting the New Normal (Rhodesia’s independence)

Brooks Marmon. History Today. November

Home ground: the garden as a site of colonial critique – Gardening  and Sol Plaatje

About seancreighton1947

I have lived in Norbury since July 2011. I blog on Croydon, Norbury and history events,news and issues. I have been active on local economy, housing and environment issues with Croydon TUC and Croydon Assembly. I have submitted views to Council Committees and gave evidence against the Whitgift Centre CPO and to the Local Plan Inquiry. I am a member of Norbury Village Residents Association and Chair of Norbury Community Land Trust, and represent both on the Love Norbury community organisations partnership Committee. I used to write for the former web/print Croydon Citizen. I co-ordinate the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Croydon Radical History Networks and edit the North East Popular Politics history database. I give history talks and lead history walks. I retired in 2012 having worked in the community/voluntary sector and on heritage projects. My history interests include labour, radical and suffrage movements, mutuality, Black British, slavery & abolition, Edwardian roller skating and the social and political use of music and song. I have a particular interest in the histories of Battersea and Wandsworth, Croydon and Lambeth. I have a publishing imprint History & Social Action Publications.
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