Second hand pamphlets and booklets for sale

Music & Song, North Lambeth History, Streatham History,

West Norwood History, Other Lambeth History, Wandsworth History,

Other South London History, Other London History, Alan Godfrey Old

Ordnance Survey Maps, Miscellaneous, Library of Unwritten Books

Music and Song

Mary Ellen Brown & Paul S. Smith. Ballad and Folk song. Research guide. No.3. Centre for English Cultural Tradition and Language. University of Sheffield. 1982. £1

John Crook & Albert Chevalier. The Coster’s Serenade. A Humorous Song. Reynolds & Co.  Sheet music. £1

La Marseiilaise. Music and words. Postcard sent from Paris. No year date. 20p

Eleanor Franking Pike (compiled and arranged). The Easiest Tune Book of Ngoro  Spiritual and American Plantation Songs.  Edwin Ashdown Ltd.  No date. £2. Front cover is slightly bent. – Sold

Sheffield Socialist Choir. 10th Anniversary Songbook. 1999. £5

Stand Together. A New Song Book. Hackney and Inslington Music Wokrshop.1978. £5

North Lambeth History

Anon.St Peter’s. Vauxhall Feasibility Study. Proposal for Heritage Centre. No date. Sold

Daneille Arnaud et al. Cloud & Vision. Exhibition booklet about artists interpretations of William Blake’s ten year living in Hercules Rd. Parabola. 2005.£2

Katherine Bentley Beaumont. The Lady Margaret Hall Settlement 1887-1997. A Century of Caring in the Community. The Friends of Lady Margarat Hall Settlement. 1997. £1. Sold

David Coke. The Muse’s Bower. Vauxhall Gardens 1728-1786. An Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings, Prints and Relics . Gainsborough Museum House, Sudbury, Surrey. 2 June – 2 July 1978, £2

David Coke.The Triumph of Pleasure. Vauxhall Gardens 1729-1786. The Foundling Museum. No date. £1. Sold

Penelope J. Corfield. Vauxhall and the Invention of the Urban Pleasure Gardens. History & Social Action Publications. 2008. £2. Sold

Ross Davies. Vauxhall. A Little History. Nine Elms Press. 2009. £3. Sold

Andrea Gregson. Last Night For Ever. Being an account and General Prospect of the work of Andrea Gregson (at the Garden Museum). Parabola. 2009

Lady Margaret Hall Settlement. Kennington Quarter. Outline of area arts regeneration proposal. 50p

Jon Newman. Dead Reckoning: William Bligh. Parabola. 2005. £2

Jon Newman. Local History. Views  from North Lambeth. Museum of Garden History. 2006. £2. Sold

Rob Pateman. The history of sport and leisure in Kennington Park. Friends of Kennington Park. No date. 20p

Rob Pateman. Kennington’s Forgotten Tragedy. Friends of Kennington Park. An account of the air-raid shelter and memorial to the victims of World War II bomb incident. 20p

Stefan Szezelkun. Kennington Park. The Birthplace of People’s Democracy. Past Tense Publications. 2006. £1. Sold

David Ververs. St Peter’s Church Vauxhall. A History. Vauxhall St. Peters Heritage Centre & Vauxhall Society.1991. 50p. Sold

Janet Weeks. The Oakey Saga. A Brief History of John Oakey & Sons of Wellington Mills, Kennington. Local History Publications. 50p

Maud Zimmermann. A History of the Lambeth Endowed Charities. Walcott Education Foundation. 2002. £2. Sold

Streatham History

Streatham Millennium Trail walk guides. 1. Central Streatham; 2. South Streatham;  3. Streatham Common; 4. Streatham High Rd; 5. Streatham Hill; 6. Streatham Hill Estates; 7 Streatham Village & 8. West Streatham.  £1.50 the set. Sold

Streatham Millennium Trail walk guides. 1. Central Streatham; 2. South Streatham;  3. Streatham Common; 4. Streatham High Rd; 5. Streatham Hill & 6. Streatham Hill Estates. 80p the set

West Norwood History

Bob Flanigan. West Norbury  Cemetery’s Music Hall. Friends of West Norbury Cemetery. 1998. £1.50

Bob Flanigan. West Norbury  Cemetery’s Musicians.1998.  Friends of West Norbury Cemetery. 1998. £1.50

Bob Flanigan. West Norbury  Cemetery’s Sportsmen. Friends of West Norbury Cemetery. 1995. £1.50

Paul Graham. West Norwood Cemetery. The Dickens Collection. Friends of West Norwood Cemetery. 1995. £1.50. Sold

Geoffrey Manning. The Listed Structures in West Norwood Cemetery. Norwood Society.1989. 50p. Sold

Other Lambeth History

John Cresswell. Lambeth’s Theatrical Heritage. Streatham Society. 1991. £1. Sold

Brenda Fry. 1793-1993. From Chapel to Church. A history  of St. Anne & All Saints’ Church, South Lambeth. 50p. Sold

Judy Harris. A History of Lambeth’s Horticultural Societies. Streatham Society. 2003. 50p

Lambeth Council. Celebrating a Century. Looking back at 100 years of history as Lambeth Town Hall reaches its centenary year. 2008. £1. Sold

Alan Piper (compiler). Early Industry in Lambeth. The Lambethans Society. 1995. 50p. Sold

John Rich. South London Story. A Brief History of the South London Liberal Synagogue. South London Liberal Synagogue. 1989. 50p. Sold

Wandsworth History

Anon. The Mayor of Garratt. Mock Elections in 18th Century South London. Past Tense. 2004. £1

Battersea Council. Battersea Official Guide. 1954? Cover damaged. £1. Sold

Battersea Council. Battersea Official Guide. 1956? Cover damaged. £2. Sold

Battersea Council. Historic Battersea. Exhibition pamphlet. 1965. £1

Norman Levinson. The History of The Furzedown Project. Furzedown Project 2000?. 50p

C. F. Lindsey. (compiled). Around Wandsworth. History and Leisure. This is a street guide. No publisher, no date. £1

Price’s Patent Candle Co. Still the Candle Burns. Record of centenary 1847-1947. Reprinted 1972.  £2. Sold

Wandsworth Historical Society. The Wandsworth Historian. No. 71. Spring 2000. Articles inc. Beaufoy, Burns and Booth: The Beaufoy Estate in 1889; Thames-side Sugar Houses, Friendly Societies of Battersea and Clapham (by me) and William McAndrew, Orange Merchant.

Other South London History

Anon. Down with the Fences! Battles for the Commons in South London. Past Tense.2004. £1. Sold

John Brown. Roe Bridge. Mitcham Lane. Local History Publications.1993. 50p

Wandle Industrial Museum. An hour passed at Morden Hall Park. Walk guide. 50p

Wandle Industrial Museum. The Wandle Trail. A Heritage Walk. Map and Illustrated Guide. 50p. Sold

Other London History

W. D. T. Davis. The History of the Palace of Whitehall. (King Henry VIII) Win Cellar & Historic Room 27. No publisher. No date. £1

J. Dunleavy. Workers’ Educational Association. Some Oxford connections. Oxford WEA. 2003. £1

David Eversley et al. London After the GLC? The London Journal. Vol.10.No.1. Summer 1984. £2. Front cover damaged. Sold

Royal Festival Hall.1951-2001. Past, Present. Future. £2. Sold

John Sutherland. The Mary Ward Centre 1890-1990. Cover bent marks. 50p. The pamphlet leaflet Information on Mary Ward House willbe included.

Toynbee Hall. A brief history. 20p

Alan Godfrey. Old Ordnance Survey Maps

50p each

Battersea & Clapham 1870,1894 & 1913. Sold

Battersea & Fulham 1894

Clapham Common 1870 & 1894

Clapham Park & Balham 1872

Hammersmith & Fulham 1871

Kennington & Walworth 1871 & 1914

Lambeth Rd 1872

Merton 1894

Pimlico, Sloane Square & Nine Elms 1869 & 1894

Putney Bridge 1894

Putney Bridge & Fulham 1865 & 1913

Roehampton 1894

Southfields 1913

Southfields & Wimbledon Park 1867

Streatham Hill & Tulse Hill 1870 & 1894

Tooting 1894 & 1913

Wandsworth 1894

Westminster & Victoria 1869

West Streatham & Tooting1894


Frank Ash & Stephen  Moss (ed.). Advice Shop Programme Notes. 17 Campaigning. BBC Education.1991.50p

Birmingham & District Local History Society. Birmingham Historian. Winter 2009. Includes articles re-Matthew Boulton, Mendelssohn’s Elijah, the University and its founders, George Dixon, and more. £2

Brooklands Museum. Centenary of British Aviation.100 Year’s of British Aviation at Brooklands Special Collector’s Edition. A. V. Roe 1908-2008. £3

H. Miles Brown. The story of Truro  Cathedral.Tor Mark Press. 1991. £1

Patricia Clabburn. Samplers. Shire Publications. 2002. £1

Mary Davis. Socialist Opposition to World War One. Marx Memorial Library. 50p

G. P. Gooch. Citizenship and History. Association for Education in Citizenship. 1936. £1

Oona Grimes. Postcards from the 7th Floor. Pighog Press. 2010. £2

Labour Party. Labour’s Colonial Policy. Part 1 The Plural Society, Part 2 Economic Aid &  3 Smaller Territories. June 1957. 3 pamphlet set. £6. Sold

Labour Party. Labour’s Colonial Policy. Part 1 The Plural Society.  £2

Roger Logan. High Court Meetings  of the Ancient Order of Foresters. Friendly Society. 1835-2009. The Foresters Heritage Trust. 2009

David Robinson, Kathryn Dunn & Scott Balintyne. Social Enterprise Zones. Building innovation into regeneration. Joseph Rowntree Foundation. £2

Ernest Sommer. Into Exile. The History of the Counter-Reformation in Bohemia. New Europe Publishing Co. 1943. £2

Bernard Stace. Bath Abbey Monuments. Millstream Books. 1993. 50p

L. F. Rushbrook  Williams. India. Oxford Pamphlets On World Affairs. Oxford University Press. 1940. £1

Barry Winter. Land and Freedom. An Episode from the Spanish Civil War. Independent Labour Publications. 2013. £1

Library of Unwritten Books

These are from a project in 2006 interviewing elderly people in Lambeth about their memories. They did not all grow up in Lambeth.

Eileen Finch. United Family

Mary. Mary, Queen of Scots

Megan Jenkins. Did it Really Happen?

Brenda Obsorne. War Years

Robert Walker. Playing in the Ruins

£5 the set

Community & Neighbourhood Development

Hugh Barton, Marcus Grant and Richard Guise. Shaping Neighbourhoods. A Guide for Health, Sustainability and Vitality. Spon Press. £5

Akwugo Emejuklu & Mae Shaw. Community Empowerment: Critcal Perspectives from Scotland. The Glasgow Papers. Edinburgh Community Development Journal. 2010. £3

The National Colaition for Neighbourhoods. A Manifesto for Neighbourhoods. 1985. £1

Jane Thomson. Paul Hamlyn Foundation Evaluation Resource Pack. In association with the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education. 2007. £5

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About seancreighton1947

I have lived in Norbury since July 2011. I blog on Croydon, Norbury and history events,news and issues. I have been active on local economy, housing and environment issues with Croydon TUC and Croydon Assembly. I have submitted views to Council Committees and gave evidence against the Whitgift Centre CPO and to the Local Plan Inquiry. I am a member of Norbury Village Residents Association and Chair of Norbury Community Land Trust, and represent both on the Love Norbury community organisations partnership Committee. I used to write for the former web/print Croydon Citizen. I co-ordinate the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Croydon Radical History Networks and edit the North East Popular Politics history database. I give history talks and lead history walks. I retired in 2012 having worked in the community/voluntary sector and on heritage projects. My history interests include labour, radical and suffrage movements, mutuality, Black British, slavery & abolition, Edwardian roller skating and the social and political use of music and song. I have a particular interest in the histories of Battersea and Wandsworth, Croydon and Lambeth. I have a publishing imprint History & Social Action Publications.
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