This site was created in June 2014 to replace the emailed Diary of news and events I sent to a number of specialist groups of people inc. British Black History, Croydon, Labour History, Lambeth, North East and Wandsworth as well as a general group of readers.

It contains details of news, events and issues in Croydon and occasionally about Battersea and Wandsworth and Lambeth.

It  contains details of events and news  highlighting initiatives in history from below, people’s history, radical history, labour movement history, mutuality, British black history, slavery and abolition, aspects of cultural, Battersea, and Wandsworth, Lambeth and North East people’s history in particular, and details of events elsewhere which are linked to the theme. It also includes details of new relevant books.

The blog is complemented by a separate blog  for  discussion pieces:


– Sean Creighton. sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com

I am retired and was previously an administrative. information and research project worker  in the community and voluntary sector on a wide range of issues, community action, crime, environment, history, local economy, policing, anti-poverty, and public utilities.

My focus since retirement hs been on activities in Croydon and its Norbury district where I live and history.

Details can be seen at


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