History events and news

Tuesday 7 August. 6.30pm. The Labour Party in Historical Perspective

Launch of a Socialist History Society Occasional Publication. Speakers: Graham Taylor and Duncan Bowie. Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9DX, UK On Entry fee £3 redeemable against purchase.

For details see:


7 September . Closing date for proposals for What’s Happening in Black British History Workshop 9  – 8 November


The organisers welcome proposals for papers and presentations on a wide variety of themes relating to the history of people of African origin or descent in the UK. As this year is the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the Windrush they are particularly keen to receive papers on the Windrush Generation and their impact on Britain.

Presentations for 15-20 minutes. Please submit a title and a brief description of your presentation either in writing (no more than 300 words) or in some other form (for example a clip or podcast) to Dr. Miranda Kaufmann. Also proposals  for a complete panel with a coherent unifying theme, and the proposal should include the abstracts of three related presentations and the names and affiliations of the presenters. The organisers would also be interested in providing A-level students, undergraduates or graduate students with an opportunity to give presentations on projects relating to Black British History.

4 October. Call Mr Robeson

Tayo Aluko’s one man show at the Court Theatre, Thring, Hertfordshire


8 November. 11am-6pm. What’s Happening in Black British History Workshop 9  

WHBBH 8 November

Reception at end. Registration fee of £20 (£10 for students/unwaged) to cover the costs of lunch and refreshments. Requests to register should be sent to olga.jimenez@sas.ac.uk.

Paul Robeson

  • Danny Glover’s views


  • Ole Man River

Tayo Aluko will feature singing the song on the BBC World Service programme to be aired in November. Tayo will be touring in the States and Canada in August.

  • Guardian review of Jeffe Sparrow’s Book


Books Reviews

Emopire of Guns




Podcasts on BBC Radio

The Turban Bus Dispute


Black music in Europe. A Hidden History


Articles of interest

The number of articles on black history, colonialism and imperialism, in History Today and BBC History Magazine seems to be increasing.

Beyond Radical Chic. The Black Panther Party. Tom Adam Davies discusses how its image and legacy remain as political and racially divisive as ever . (HT. April 2018)

Martin Luther King. Discussion by historians. (BHM.  April 2018)

National Gallery series: Morocco (HT. April 2018)

The British Slave Trade. Ellie Cawthorne & James Walvin look at Liverpool. (BHM. April 2018)

Aboriginal cricketers bowl over the British. (BHM. May 2018)

In The Bubble and the Big Easy Matthew Stallard tells us that John Law pioneered the foundation of New Orleans  and Louisiana for the French with 7,000 French colonists and 1,900 enslaved Africans arriving by 1720. Its initial failure was turned around by the 3,600 Africans who skills with rice and indigo were responsible for the first successful crops. (HT. June  2018)

Succession Deposition and Fratricide. Gemme Masson writes on how new sultans tried to keep their thrones. (HT. June 2018)

In Explorers and Orientalists Zareer Masani discusses the cultural curiosities inspired generations of British imperialists to unearth India’s past. (HT. June 2018)

Justice in an unjust world tells the untold story of African Americans’ civil cases in the segregated South. (HT. June 2018)

Many who arrived on the Windrush had risked their lives for Britain”. Michael Wood on immigration. (BHM. June 2018)

Taming Pocahontas. Andrea Severson discusses how a story of captivity, salvation and conversion became a tool to justify Britain’s conquest of the New World. (HT. July 2018)

Princes, Profits and the Prophet. M. C. Rickless examines 18th Java and the conflict between Dutch traders and a Turk. (HT. July 2018)

National Gallery series: Melanesia (HT. July 2018)

Emperor Akbar. Michael Wood discuss the Emperor’s views on religious toleration. (BHM. July 2018)

“London is the Place For Me”. David Olusoga on the complex story of imperial subjects attempting to exercise their rights in the face of institutional racism. (BHM. July 2018).

Nelson Mundell discusses the Runaway Slaves in British project: www.runaways.gla.ac.uk.  (BHM. August 2018)

Queen Victoria’s Other Indians. Miles Taylor profiles. (BHM. August 2018)

Book Reviews:

Partition. Barry White-Spunner. Simon & Schuster. Reviewed by Zareer Masani. (HT. April 2018)

Dictatorland: The Men Who Stole Africa. Paul Kenyon. Head of Zeus. (BHM. April 2018)

Sufism: A New History of Islamic Mysticism. By Alexander Knysh (Princeton) (HT. June 2018)

Reframing the Alhambra: Architecture, Poetry, Textiles , and Court Ceremonial. Olga Bush. Edinburgh UP.  (HT. June 2018)

Shashi Taroor. Inglorious Empire. Penguin. (BHM. June 2018)

Letter: The forgotten suffragette. Re- Sophia Duleep Singh – with photo. (BHM. May 2018)

Image: Portrait of a Negress by Marie Guillemine Benoist. 1800. In article on  women painters. (HT. May 2018)




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Summer secondhand book stock clearance

The following books etc are or sale in my summer second hand book stock clearance. To place an order please email sean.creighton1947@btinternet.com. Postage will be added to the invoice.

Unless otherwise stated paperback. Hbk – hardback. Dj – dust jacket.


Ray Pearson. Revolution in Russia. Topics in European History. Harrap. 1973


History. The Journal of the Historical Association. Vol. 55. No,. 183. February 1970. R.H.S. Stolfi. Equipment for Victory in France in 1940; R. I. Moore. The Origins of Medieval Heresy; M. L. Bush. The Tudors and the Royal Race; Kenneth Hudson. Illustrations for Industrial Archaeology. Gareth E. Jones. Towards a Theory of History Teaching; M. G. A. Vale. Libraries and Archives: France

History. The Journal of the Historical Association. Vol 57. No. 189. February 1972. R. J. Knecht. The Early Reformation in England and France; J. F. Bosher. The French Crisis of 1770 ; F. Clarke. Electoral Sociology of Modern Britain; Derek Heter. History Teaching and Political Education; Nicholas Promay. British Newsreels in the 1930s


Alex Alexandrowicz & David Wilson. The Longest Injustice. The Strange Sorry of Alex Alexandrowicz. Waterside Press. 1999. Story of Category A prisoner for 22 years

Palme Dutt. Britain’s Crisis of Empire. Lawrence & Wishart. 1949. Analysis of post-war British colonialism by Community Party theoretician and editor of Labour Monthly.

Helen Fenwick. Civil Liberties and Human Rights. Cavendish Publishing. Q&A Series. 2nd edition. 2001

W. Flinn. An Economic and Social History of Britain 1066-1939. Macmillan & Co. 1964

Maggie Hyde & Michael McGuiness. Introducing Jung. Icon Books. 1999

H. Rolph. The Police and the Public. (Heinemann. 1962

Bertrand Russell. Power. A new social analysis. Routledge. 2005 reprint


Joseph Arch. The Autobiography of Joseph Arch. Preface by Frances Countess of Warwick. MacGibbon & Kee.  1966. Hbk. Dj. Sold

Logie Barrow. Independent Spirits. Spiritualism and English Plebians 1850-1910. History Workshop Series. Routledge & Kegan Paul. 1986

Tom Bower. The Red Web. MI6 and the KGB Master Coup

Learie Constatntine. Cricket in the Sun.  Stanley & Paul  & Co. No date. Hbk. Autobiography of West Indian cricketer, inc. in Lancashire, and role in Britain in War. See also: Undine Giuseppi below.

Charles Dickens. American Notes and Pictures from Italy.  Oxford UP. 1957. Hbk

David Faulkener. Crime, State and Citizen. Waterside Press. 2001. Appraisal of the factors which sustain the fragile balance between effective government and individual rights and obligations in modern-day Britain. 1989. Hbk. Dj

Undine Giuseppi. A Look at Learie Constantine. Thomas Nelson & Sons. 1974. Hbk

Murray Hawtin, Geriant Hughes & Janie Percy-Smith. Community Profiling. Auditing social needs.  Open University Press. 1998 reprint

Peter Laslett. Locke. Two Treatises of Government. Cambridge UP. 2008 Print. Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought

Kim C. Leslie (ed). Roots of America. An Anthology of Documents relating to American History in the West Sussex Record Office Chichester, England. West Sussex County Council. 1976. Hbk

Derek Lewis. Hidden Agendas. Politics, Law and Disorder. Hamish Hamilton 1997. Hbk. Jacket. Lewis was former Director of Prions Service

Louis P. Lochner (ed). The Goebbels Diaries. Hamish Hamilton. 1948

Bjorn Lomborg. The Skeptical Environmentalist. Measuring the Real State of the World.  Cambridge University Press. 2004 edition

Nicholas Pevsner. The Buildings of Britain. County Durham. 2nd edition revised by Lizabeth Williamson. Penguin. 1983. Hbk. Dj

Richard Reddie. Abolition! The Struggle to Abolish Slavery in the British Colonies. Lion. 2007

Eric Wigham. The Power to Manage. A History of the Engineering Employer’s Federation. Macmillan 1973. Hbk. Dj

Fiona Williams. Social Policy. A Critical Introduction. Polity Press. 1989


  1. K. Sen. Keshub Chunder Sen. Centenary Committee, Calcutta. 1938. Biography of Indian reformer, who visited England in 1870.


Christopher Bryant (ed). Expedition to Surinam being a narrative of a five years expedition against the revolted negroes of Surinam in Guinea on the wild cost of South America from the year 1772 to 1777 elucidating that country and describing its productions with an account of the Indians of Guinea and negroes of Guinea. Folio Society. 1963. Hbk. The illustrations by William Blake in the original of 1796 are included.

Gertrude Himmelfarb. The Idea of Poverty. England in the Early Industrial Age. faber & faber. 1984

Michael Jordan. The Great Abolition Sham. The True Story of the End of the British Slave Trade. Sutton Publishing. 2005. Hbk. Dj

Linda Kelley. Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Sinclair-Stevenson. 1997. Hbk. Dj. Playwright and politician

Ian MacDougall. (ed). The Minutes of Edinburgh Trades Council 1859-1873. T & A Constable for Scottish History Society. 1968. Hbk

Standish Meacham. Lord Bishop. The Life of Samuel Wilberforce. 1805-1873. Harvard UP. 1970. Hbk. Dj

William L. Shearer. Berlin Diary. The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent 1934-1941. Hamish Hamilton. No date. Hbk

Warren Sylvester Smith. The London Heretics 1860-1914. Constable. 1967. Hbk. Re- secularists, Positivists, freethought congregations, Fellowship of the New Life, spiritual, London Theosophists, and changes among Anglicans, Catholics, and non-conformists.

Angela Tuckett. The Scottish Carter. The History of the Scottish Horse and Motormen’s Association 1895-1964. George Allen & Unwin. 1967. Hbk. Dj





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Croydon events & news 14 July


Events Diary

Bernard Winchester’s events diary can be read here:

Diary July 2018

Tuesday 17 July (midday). Closing date for Bromley & Croydon Women’s Aid  Outreach Services Manager

Salary: £29,000 – £30,900. Hours:  35 hours per week.

How to Apply: Please email francesca.n@bcwa.org.uk or call 0208 313 9303 for an application pack.

Monday 23 July. 7pm. Croydon Communities Consortium AGM 2018 and social

St Michael’s Church Hall, Poplar Walk.

To register attendance please go to:


Tuesday 31 July. Arcadia

100 years of BFI archive footage to investigate what lies beneath our shared vision of “England’s green and pleasant land”, and how Britain has become what it is today.  Book soon, as availability is diminishing rapidly.

David Lean Cinema, Clocktower. http://www.davidleancinema.org.uk

Housing Crisis film. https://www.facebook.com/concretesoldiersuk

Council’s take on its news


Croydon Citizen discussions



Croydon & high-risk mortgage lending

Croydon is the UK’s number one hotspot for high-risk mortgage lending, with 463 risky mortgages taken out in the area in 2017, up 11% from 419 the previous year.


News in brief

Education cuts hit Monks Orchard Primary school. https://www.croydonadvertiser.co.uk)

Hammerson faces challenge from investor


Councillors to get allowances increase. https://insidecroydon.com

Leisure Centres charges (Inside Croydon)

St Andrews secondary school to close (Inside Croydon)

Friends of Parks  ask for support for 6 point Parks Charter (Inside Croydon)

Ian Hunter of refusing the new wheelie bins (Inside Croydon)

Sarah Jones. MP Enewsletter: https://mailchi.mp/ea5995a5bdd4/monthly-mp-newsletter?e=5b291147a4


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History events & news at 8 July

Saturday 28 July. 1.30pm. Annual John Burns Walk – emphasis on women activists

I will be leading the annual John Burns walk organised by Battersea & Wandsworth TUC. There will be a focus on the contribution of local women (past and present) to the development of suffrage.

Meet at John Burns grave in Battersea Cemetery, Battersea Rise.

It will be followed by a barbecue at the Bread and Roses pub in Clapham Manor St 4.30 – 6.30 pm. Speakers from 5pm: Leonie Cooper, and Marsha De Cordova. Starting at 9pm there will be dancing to Northern Soul Disco.

To Saturday 14 July Durham Miners Gala. Politics, Pits and Protest events

Miners’ Hall, Redhills, Durham City, DH1 4BE

including on Wednesday 11th. 6.30-9pm: Miners and their unions: can we make the world a better place? Miners’ Hall, Redhills Committee Room, organised by Independent Working Class Education Network. Full programme can be seen here:


Wednesday 12 September. The Saving of Battersea Village

Veteran architect Nicholas Wood tells the story of how in the final days of the GLC its architects department helped in the fight to save Battersea Square, retain the village street line and redevelop the Althorpe Estate as a prizewinning low-level development with newt reserve and garden.

Dimson Lodge, 141 Battersea Church Road, SW11 3NR. £5 (on door)

British Library web resources include:

Women of the Windrush:


Newspaper images. If you search ‘newspaper’ you will find a few images of interest including  Duleep Singh’s trial, the Tolpuddle Martyrs trial, the League of Coloured Peoples, the Peterloo Massacre and the Antigua Free Press (July 1829).

Sadie Crawford Plaque unveiling

Details and photos can be seen at.


Can you spot me leaning against a wall!

Canada’s years of slavery

The story of two centuries of slavery in Canada is still seen there as a well hidden secret. CBC radio has been running a series on the history, which can be listened to here:


along with other information, Taking part is Afua Cooper of Dalhousie University.

At  Afua’s invitation I spoke at the  Canadian Black Studies Association conference on A Forgotten History: Black Canadians and Britain’. When she visited London we gave talks at the Institute of American Studies, mine being on British & Canadian Black History Connections. This was followed by my paper Exploring aspects of the relationship between Britain and ‘Canadaat the annual British Society for 18thC Studies Conference in January 2016.

Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing – the Black National Anthem 

This song by the African-American composers the Johnson brothers is subject to an exhibition at Yale University. Details can be seen at:


Other on-line exhibitions include:

Moving Earth: ‘Capability’ Brown, Humphry Repton and the Creation of the English Landscape

Hot Spots: Highlights from the Jazz Collections in the Gilmore Music Library

Bulldog and Panther: The 1970 May Day Rally and Yale

Global Encounters and the Archives: Britain’s Empire in the Age of Horace Walpole

Britain, Florida and Jackson’s crushing of free maroon communities





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Croydon events and news at 6 July


New Selhurst mural


 Saturday 7 July, Made in Croydon event postponed

Saturday 7 July. 11m-4pm. Kennington Chartism Day

Do come an join me at the Kennington Chartism Day. Ironically we have just have the Government sponsored National Democracy Week. The Charrists led the fight of universal suffrage (for men) from 1838 and held a massive demonstration on kennington Common on 10 April 1848.   I am running a stall which will include copies of my new pamphlet Kennington Common 10 April 1848. An Introduction to Chartism in Lambeth.


Kennington Park

and you can still enjoy the second part of:

Saturday 7 July. Noon to 10-30pm. Ruskin Summer Festival

Stalls, games, bouncy castle and lots of different types of food.

£5 on the door (kids free).

10 July. 5pm. Council Scrutiny & Overview Committee

Major discussion on Pre-Decision Financial Strategy.


Thursday 12 July. 6.30. Council Traffic Management Advisory Committee

Key items: pedestrianisation around some schools; electrical vehicle charging points; parking charges 2018/19.


Monday 16 July. 6.30pm. Council Cabinet

Key items: budget options and education estates review.


Brick by Brick wins approval to build on green space next to Ruskin House

On Thursday night the Labour majority of the semi-judicial Planning Committee approved the Brick by Brick application for building a block of one bedroom flats and a three bedroom house on the green space on the corner of Coombe and Edridge Rds next to Ruskin House. The application was opposed by local residents, the Croydon TUC, Croydon Assembly and Croydon Unite Retired members branch. For the reasons for the objections by these organisations see:


Inside Croydon discusses the debate on the application and one affecting Sunny Bank at:


I sent the Committee members the following grounds for objection that had been emailed to Development Management and me.

‘There are many reasons why building on this small piece of grass next to Ruskin House is a bad idea, but the worst is the traffic POLLUTION it will cause, and the DAMAGE to the residents’ health !

Coombe Road is single lane each side, and very congested.

But the worst section for traffic pollution is between Edridge Road and Park Lane where vehicles stop and start, waiting in a long queue for the traffic lights to change, with their exhausts churning out toxic fumes.

The 8 flats all have the ONLY BEDROOM WINDOW very near to the narrow pavement beside this road, so an air-less bedroom, or suffering long-term damage to their lungs and general health, is their only choice!

Added to that, the 8 flats do not have car parking, which will result in major internet and large item deliveries, which will stop Coombe Road eastbound traffic completely, (unless some fool decides to overtake on the wrong side of the road – and THAT could cause an accident to close both sides of Coombe Road !), and there is limited space on the corner of Edridge Road, or Edridge Road itself  for all but the quickest drop-offs.

This will cause even greater air pollution.’

Date set for hearing to legally challenge Brick by Brick – more money needed


Westfield & Hammerson News

John Burton, a key Director  Westfield in promoting the proposed Centre development is leaving the company to return to Australia. (Inside Croydon, Building magazine’s website) .

Hammerson hires McKinsey to undertake strategy review. (The Times, Retail Gazette, Property Week)Could this lead to pulling out of the partnership with Westfield?

The owners of the Valley Retail Park may be seeking to challenge the new Westfield by proposing a £20m make-over with new road to improve the experience of visiting the shops. (Croydon Advertiser)

News in Brief

Town Centre gridlock predicted for 2020 due to big construction developments (Croydon Advertiser)

Town Centre Delights given 2nd zero-star food hygiene rating (Croydon Advertiser)

Healthwatch Croydon calls for GPs to work more closely with homeless people (Croydon Advertiser). Oh dear yet another feeling of deja vue. I wrote a paper for the Family Practitioner Committee in Wandsworth in the 1970s on this topic!!!

Croydon Citizen articles

Can’t give any more: volunteer fatigue in Croydon (part 1) – see also my contribution to the discussion

Croydon’s architecture – beautiful or damned

Review of Peace Festival

The work of Croydon-born, Irish-Palestinian artist Rosalind Nashashibi


Draft London plan’s high-rise policy disregards quality of life, warn architects


Andrew Kennedy points out on Historic Croydon Facebook thee issues with respect to the 26 storey Cambridge House development

‘Isn’t this storing up trouble for the future? A paultry playspace for 0-5 year olds on the ground floor when there are families growing up in this new tower. 26 storey building comprising 63 two bedroom flats, 9 three bedroom plus 20 one bedroom at: Cambridge House, 16-18 Wellesley Road. What happens when they want to kick a ball about? How appropriate is playspace next to a public reception area. This is all too cramped for good mental health and physical well-being. Planning Application 16/03368/P http://publicaccess2.croydon.gov.uk/…/centralDistribution.d…


Tory Croydon MP launched NHS White Paper in 1944

As the MP for Croydon North (1940 to 1948), Tory MP Henry Willink, the health minister in Winston Churchill’s wartime coalition government (1943 to 1945) launched the White Paper The National Health Service’ which laid the foundations for the establishment of the NHS in 1848 under Attlee’s Labour Government. (Croydon Advertiser)


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Croydon TUC, Assembly & Unite Retired Members back rejection of Brick by Brick development next to Ruskin House

The obsession of the Planning Chair Paul Scott to approve most housing schemes on the grounds that the Government, the London Mayor and the Croydon Local Plan 2018 all require a massive increase in new homes, leaves aside the issue of whether the new homes developers are providing meet the actual needs that the Council has identified in relation to its waiting and transfer lists and the homeless and the affordability of units for the young. It also means that quantity of new homes is being used like a tank through the other objectives of the Local Plan in  relation to lifetime housing, family size units of 3 and more bedrooms, the importance of the green environment and health and well-being.

While you would expect private developers to try and ignore all these other considerations, but not a development company owned by the Council. As Croydon Assembly said in its manifesto for the May local elections Brick by Brick is behaving just like a private developer, and needs to be made more accountable, and on schemes on Council estates subject to a ballot of residents.

The three labour movement organisations oppose the development on the green space on the corner of Coombe and Edridge Rds because of the loss of small green amenity space. Croydon TUC and Croydon Assembly’s Environment Forum argued the case for protection for such sites in the consultation and the public hearings on the Croydon Local Plan. But the Council refused to listen and modify the Plan. Therefore a large number of small green spaces owned by the Council across the Borough could be under threat from Brick by Brick.

The three organisations have not asked to speak at the Committee meeting  tomorrow so that the 3 minutes that is allowed for all objectors can be used by resident objectors. A  letter has been sent to the members of the Planning Committee.

Brick by Brick 5 July Planning Committee Coombe & Edridge Rds





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Tell Lambeth Council you want Democracy! – 3 July

It’s National Democracy Week – unless you live in Lambeth.
Lambeth Democracy, the non-party local campaign to bring democracy to Lambeth council, invites you to a

at 6pm outside LAMBETH TOWN HALL
to remind the Council that
The right to have a ballot on council estate “regeneration” will be a central issue at the protest. The council opposes ballots because it would make it harder to impose their secret, expensive and incompetent plans. These plans are unpopular for good reason.

Lambeth Democracy says: “Give us ballots – not a load of b******s.”

But that’s not all.

The council won’t listen to:
– council staff

– local businesses
– library users

– park users
– tenants
– leaseholders
– pensioners
– Labour party members
– the People’s Audit
– you fill in the rest!

The council’s current behaviour is nothing new. It has got worse as more power has been concentrated in the hands of a few unaccountable officials, a small clique of councillors and an unelected council head. Labour whips enforce the party line on councillors and impose their decisions on the borough.

Lambeth Council is skilled at concealing vital information, avoiding accountability and working with commercial interests against local residents and council workers.

Without the power of democracy, the Council is free to take away our housing, libraries, parks and services.

Speakers invited include:

Defend the Ten, Save Cressingham Gardens, Lambeth Pensioners Action Group, Lambeth Peoples Audit, Lambeth Democracy, Green Party, Women’s Equality Party, Lambeth Momentum, Left Unity, SWP.

Attached: a few examples of numerous attempts to attract the council’s interest…
– Thanks to Laura Swaffield

National Democracy Week

What a joke – “National Democracy Week“,  from the 2nd – 8th July, has been called by the Government as an inaugural celebration of the state of British democracy.
For an alternative perspectives see:
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