Croydon up date 17 January

Katie Gliddon – Museum exhibition

Purley Tower Legal Challenge

Government Planning Reform Consultation

The Government consultation on planning reform ended on 14 January. I put in a personal submission – see here:

planning reform consultation submission – other issues

supported by several of my planning articles on Croydon Citizen.

Love Norbury Planning Committee also made a submission – see:

Events at Ruskin House

FOLK & BLUES EVENINGS £2 at 8pm every Sun

20th – Liz Beaumont and Singers’ Night

27th – Singers’ Night

3rd Feb – The Cohorts and Singers’ Night


Sat 26th 7 – 10.30pm.  Music from Geoff Curnow & Garry Davies, Slavyana, Liz Beaumont and Red Mamaloshen will be followed by speaker Cllr Alison Butler and time to buy bagels (+smoked salmon and/or cream cheese) and then Charlie Chaplin’s first talkie ‘The Great Dictator’.  Free but donations for Ruskin House welcome.

Other events:

**Sat 19th – Cinema Ruskin – on film – £2 at 8pm.  ‘It started with Eve’ (Deanna Durbin) 1944 plus ‘Fear in the Night’ (Peter Cushing) 1972.  Third Saturday every month.

**Fri 25th – Burns Night Supper 7.30pm in Cedar Hall.  Labour Party fund-raiser.  Contact for info & to book.

**Thurs 31st – Folk & Blues Summer Festival first planning meeting at 7.30pm.  Please come along if you would like to be involved – lots of help needed from non-musicians.

**Sat 9th Feb – Buddy Holly Concert from 8pm.  £3.  More info soon.

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Croydon Local Studies Talks and Exhibitions to end of April

Saturday 12 – Thursday 31 January.  MC

Mireille as Artist in Residence

including Artist Talk* on 12 January

Museum of Croydon, Croydon Clocktower.

See flier here:

dont believe the papers moc lr

 Tuesday 15 January  20.00. ESFHS

Mills of the River Wandle

Mick Taylor

United Reformed Church, East Croydon.

Thursday 17 January  19.45.  SLLHG

South London Local History from Books

Keith Holdaway

Phoenix Centre, Westow Street, Upper Norwood.

Saturday 19 January  11.00 – 13.00. MC               

Creative Workshop*

Museum of Croydon, Croydon Clocktower.

Saturday 26 January  11.00 – 13.00.   MC

Croydon Voices*

Museum of Croydon, Croydon Clocktower.

 Monday 28 January  19.45.  CNHSS

The Other ron Girls

Brian Lancaster, Editor CNHSS

United Reformed Church, East Croydon.

Sunday 3 February and every first Sunday of the month, 11.00 – 16.00

Croydon Airport Visitor Centre (CAVC) Open Day

Airport House, Purley Way, Buses 119, 289.

Monday 4 February  19.45. CNHSS

The Blue-green Revolution: Why our future depends on the Knowledge of Plants

Dr Tim Ridgeway

United Reformed Church, East Croydon.

Tuesday 12 February  19.45. NSLTC

Travels in Zimbabwe and Sardinia

David Bowker

United Reformed Church, East Croydon.

Tuesday 19 February  20.00. ESFHS

Early 20th Century Immigration

Paul Blake

United Reformed Church, East Croydon.

Thursday 21 February  20.00.  SLLHG

Some Notable Women of Norwood and the Occasional Bloke

John Hickman

Phoenix Centre, Westow Street, Upper Norwood

 Monday 25 February  19.45.  CNHSS

Living on the Edge of the Green Belt

John Grindrod, Author

United Reformed Church, East Croydon.

 Monday 4 March  19.45. CNHSS

A Varied Nursing Career

Yvette McKinnel

United Reformed Church, East Croydon.

 Tuesday 12 March  19.45. NSLTC

Meeting TBA

United Reformed Church, East Croydon.

 Tuesday 19 March  20.00. ESFHS

The London Larinth

Kathy Chater

United Reformed Church, East Croydon.

Thursday 21 March  20.00. SLLHG

Flora, Fauna and Sea Life of South America

Peter Austen

Phoenix Centre, Westow Street, Upper Norwood.

Monday 25 March  19.45. CNHSS

Conan Doyle – The South Norwood Years

Bernard Winchester

United Reformed Church, East Croydon.

Wednesday 10 – Friday 12 April. FOOP

Croydon Old Palace Open days                      

Doors open 13.00, tour begins 13.45,

lasts about two hours including tea

Admission £7, Over 60s £6, Under 16s £3.

Wednesday 10 April  19.45. CNHSS

The Grand Theatre and its place in Croydon

Carole Roberts

United Reformed Church, East Croydon.

Thursday 18 April  20.00. SLLHG

Windrush Square

Alan Piper

Phoenix Centre, Westow Street, Upper Norwood.

Monday 29 April  19.45. CNHSS

Mrs Pankhurst’s Purple Feather

Tessa Boase, Author

United Reformed Church, East Croydon.

* Please pre-book for these events –   see contact details below.

Bourne Society <BS>


Hon. Secretary 020 8405 4833

Croydon Airport Society <CAS> and Croydon Airport Visitor Centre <CAVC>

Airport House, Purley Way,

Croydon, Surrey, CR0 0XZ.

 Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society <CNHSS>

Crystal Palace Foundation <CPF>

Melvyn Harrison, 58 Laurier Road, Croydon,

CR0 6JQ.  07889 338812.

East Surrey Family History Society <ESFHS>

Friends of Old Palace <FOOP>

David Poole, 31 Princes Avenue,

Carshalton Beeches, Surrey. 020 8643 5978

 Friends of Shirley Windmill <FOSW>

Tony Skrzypczyk, 39 Addiscombe Road,

Croydon, CR0 6SA.  020 8406 4676.

Museum of Croydon <MC>

Lindsay Ould, Borough Archivist,

Museum of Croydon, Croydon Clocktower,

Katharine Street, Croydon, CR9 1ET. 020 8253 1022.


Norbury & South London Transport Club <NSLTC>

Graham Donaldson

South London Local History Group <SLLHG>

Keith Holdaway, 223 Leigham Court Road,

London SW16 2SD, 020 8761 175

Croydon’s Famous Composer: Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

Remembering key events 100 Years ago

Croydon History Publications

See the websites particularly of BS, CNHSS,  CPF and Norwood Society

For my publications on Croydon radical history, Norbury, suffrage campaigning, peace activism, and Thornton Heath see:


Croydon and the slavery business

 My essay published by CNHSS



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New Year – New Priorities

This New Year is  one of change for me.

I will be spending much less time on Croydon affairs to concentrate on my history project priorities. My blog postings will be less often and shorter.

To keep up with Croydon events you can keep your eye on Croydon Advertiser, Croydon Guardian, Inside Croydon and Just Croydon websites and You could sign up to a Google alert on Croydon, but while this will not show every mention posted on the internet, it will give you items from the first three mentioned above. You can also sign up to receive the Council’s Your Croydon news compilation, and to Bernard Winchester’s monthly diary of heritage and cultural events in  and around Croydon:

Don’t Believe the Papers

Visual Representations of a Croydon Suffragette

Tuesdays – Saturdays. 18-31 January. 10.30am-5pm.

PhD research in progress by Mireille Fauchon

Museum of Croydon, Clocktower, Katharine St

dont believe the papers moc lr

Saturday 12 January. 2.30-4pm.Opening & Artist’s talk, followed by refreshments

Saturday 19 January. 11am-2pm. Creative Storytelling Workshop inspired by materials within the archive.

Saturday 26 January. 11am-1pm. Croydon Voices; a group reading and listening performance, reading from the prison writings of Croydon Suffragette Katie Gliddon.

For Croydon’s Suffrage background see my pamphlet

January – March. Croydon Natural History

& Scientific Society Talks and Walks



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What should we be remembering from 1919?

Soldiers revolts inc:

3 January – soldiers blockade Folkestone harbour in protest against being returned to France

4-5 March – Kinmel Park revolt by Canadian troops awaiting repatriation

17 June – Canadian troops protest at Epsom

Race Riots, inc.

23 January – Glasgow among merchant seamen

Industrial and Civil Unrest

27 Januaryff – general strike over working hours led by engineering workers in Glasgow and Belfast

31 January –  Battle of George St Glasgow: army deployed

31 July – Police strike in London and Liverpool


19-22 February – Pan African Congress Paris

13 April – Amritsasr Massacre by British and Gurkha troops kill 379 Sikhs and injure more than 1200.

May – August 3rd Anglo-Afghan War with Afganistan obtaining its independence from Britain

War and Peace

3 April – Government agrees to begin release of conscientious objectors

21 June – Germans scuttle their captured fleet at Scapa Flow

28 June – Treaty of Versailles

19 July – Peace Day: victory parades.  Ex-servicemen burn down Luton Town Hall

27 September – last British troops leave  Russia

11 November – first Remembrance Day

Domestic Affairs  

31 July – Housing, Town Planning Act: government funding for council housing

15 August – Restoration of Pre-War Practices Act provides for returning servicemen to get their old jobs back

28 November – Nancy Astor elected as MP

23 December – Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act removes legal disabilities on women entering the secular professions

Foreign Affairs

(leaving aside the Russian Revolution and other revolutionary attempts)

25 January – League of Nations founded

19-22 February – Pan African Congress Paris

4 March – Communist International founded

29 June International Labour Organisation founded

7 November – US Palmer Raid arrests 10,000+ suspected communists and anarchists

30 November – Spanish flu pandemic declared officially over

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History news and events in 2019

History & Social Action Publications

To order items go to

and click on the Paypal link.

Key dates in 2019

Sunday 27 January. Holocaust Remembrance Day

Saturday 2 March. International Women’s Day

Peterloo Massacre

There will be a lot of talks, etc about the Peterloo Massacre (16 August 1819) during the year as more and more people become aware of it through Mike Leigh’s film.

Saturday 19 January. 2pm

John Belcham, Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Liverpool, who was an advisor on the film, will  speak at Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Labour History Society.

Chesterfield Labour Club, Saltergate, Chesterfield, S40 1NF

peterloo flyer (3)

Working Class Movement Library Salford events

Ends Thursday 24 January  Exhibition: Votes for women . . . or votes for ladies?

Thursday 31 January. 6pm. Guernica Remakings

Launch of exhibition at Working Class Movement Library exploring the ongoing power of Pablo Picasso’s iconic 1937 painting Guernica through a display of 21st century reworkings from across the globe.

Wednesday 13 March. 2pm. Guernica Remakings

Exhibition curator Nicola Ashmore illustrated talk that explores Guernica and its remakings as a call to action, pushing back at those in power who choose to act to the detriment of civilians.

Saturday 2 March. A century of women’s protest in the North of England

Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 March. Rouse Ye Women

Townsend Productions play telling the story of the women chainmakers of Cradley Heath who in 1910 began a successful ten-week strike to more than double their earnings and establish the principle of a national minimum wage.  Tickets now available

Sunday 14 April. 2pm. Those who were there – the people at Peterloo have their say

Radical Readings fundraiser

Voluntary Action History Society talks 2019

21 January. Andy Jones on Jonathan Dimbleby’s Unknown Famine: Television, Humanitarianism and Politics in Britain

4 February. Colin Rochester. Hybrid Organisations Past and Present

18 February. Aoife O’Leary McNeice. The British Relief Association and Global Philanthropy during the Great Irish Famine

4 March. Alex Murdoch.  How food got its bank: The background and evolution of food banking

18 March. Mel Wright. Sometimes there’s a breakthrough! Neighbourhood action and social support since 1977

29 April Peter Grant. The Psychogeography of Philanthropy

13 May Michael Nelles (The Institute of Conservation). Subject TBA

10 June. Barry Knight (Centris). A Witness Seminar

VAHS Seminars are held in Room 304, Institute of Historical Research, Senate House. 6-8pm. All are welcome.

Black History News

Paul Robeson  events in USA

Tayo Aluko on Jeff Sparrow’s book on Robeson

Dalhousie University – slavery apology, but no name change

Panel chair Afua Cooper says Dalhousie is ‘not the same institution’ it was in 1818

Useful blog discussions

Other News

Gateshead People’s Archive project update




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Developing Croydon’s Voluntary & Community Strategy consultation

Croydon Council is developing a strategy to guide its work with voluntary and community sector organisations and groups in Croydon.

It has put a survey for organisations about the issues that are important to  organisations on its website  for completion by 11 January . Typical tokenism, as most organisations Committees are unlikely to be meeting over the Christmas/New Year period.

There is then an engagement event on 22 January at the Hilton to discuss how work together to address the issues raised.

Why is it not at the community meeting space at Bernard Wetherill House, or in the Braithwaite Hall, or at a community hall like East Croydon URC?

 Tuesday 22 January 10am-2pm

Hampton by Hilton London Croydon

30 Dingwall Road

Key Questions

What do you think will be the top three opportunities for your organisation in the next two years?

What do you think are the top three challenges that your organisation will face in the next two years?

Infrastructure organisations support voluntary and community sector organisations with advice, information, training, funding bids, and other matters. The council and some national networks also provide support. We would like to know whether these arrangements meet your organisation’s needs.

Apart from funding, what do you think the role of the council ought to be in supporting your organisation?

What are the three most important areas that the voluntary and community sector strategy should cover and why?

Previous debate

In the past I have discussed issues about the Croydon community and voluntary sector at:


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Croydon Development & other news at 15 December

Development News

College scuppers Brick by Brick College Green scheme

and Inside Croydon continues its critique of the company

Councillors admit ‘being whipped’ on Planning

Youth perspective on Croydon regeneration

Modular Towers Construction speeding along

Other News

Mayor grants £0.5m for Croydon Creative Enterprise Zone

Council joins London-wide initiative to strike better deals on temporary accommodation for homeless families. This should end the stupidity of competition across Boroughs.

Crime deters night-time economy in Town Centre

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