Croydon Council meetings and other events from 18 May

Council Meetings

Monday 22 May. 6.30pm. Council Annual Meeting

This formal meeting includes the approving the Mayor for the coming year. It is followed by short meetings of a number of Committees, including Planning, appointing their Chair and Vice-Chair.

For access to papers see:

Wednesday 24 May. 6.30pm. Planning Committee

16/06508/FUL Parcels of land adjacent to Longheath Gardens and Long Lane. Demolition of existing garages and erection of 6 buildings varying in height between two and six storeys comprising a total of 23 two bedroom and 30 one bedroom flats. Provision of associated car parking, landscaping and other associated works. Recommendation: Grant permission subject to a legal agreement

16/06514/FUL Land and Garages South West of the junction of Heathfield Road and Coombe Road. Demolition of the existing garages, relocation of existing substation and erection of one three-storey building comprising ten flats and one part three, part four storey building comprising seven flats and 1×3 bed house together with external stores and substation re-provision, car parking, landscaping and other associated works (AMENDED PLANS RECEIVED – BLOCK B REDUCED IN DEPTH, BLOCK A PARTINCREASED IN HEIGHT BY 1 STOREY, 2 ADDITIONAL PARKING SPACES, ALTERATIONS TO LANDSCAPING AND INTERNAL LAYOUTS). Recommendation: Grant permission subject to a legal agreement

16/06512/FUL Parcels of land adjacent to Auckland Rise, Church Road and Sylvan Hill, Demolition of buildings and erection of 6 buildings varying between three and five storeys in height comprising 29 two bedroom and 28 one bedroom flats. Provision of associated car parking, landscaping and other associated works (AMENDED PLANS RECEIVED – BLOCK F REMOVED, BLOCK B INCREASED IN HEIGHT BY 1 STOREY, RETENTION OF A NUMBER OF TREES). Recommendation: Grant permission subject to a legal agreement

16/06526/FUL 585-603 London Road. Demolition of existing structures and buildings at 585-603 London Road, erection of 3 four/five storey buildings comprising 593 hotel (C1) and aparthotel rooms (C1) and ancillary services the formation of new vehicular accesses onto London Road and Dunheved Road North, new public realm, car, coach and cycle parking, landscaping and refuse and recycling facilities. Recommendation: Grant permission subject to a legal agreement. On this application see:

For access to papers see:

Wednesday 24 May. 6.30pm. Scrutiny on 20mph Zones

The Tories have called the 20mph Zones decision to the Scrutiny & Oversight Committee to

‘1.1 Consider the objections received in response to the statutory (formal) consultation and the officer comments in response to the objections within this report and agree, that the Highway Improvements Manager, 1 Streets Division, be authorised to make the necessary Traffic Management Orders under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) so as to a) Implement the maximum 20mph speed limit for North-West Croydon Area 3 as identified on plan HWY-MPH-0000-005. b) Implement the maximum 20mph speed limit for South-East Croydon Area 4 as identified on plan HWY-MPH-0000-006. c) Implement the maximum 20mph speed limit for South-West Croydon Area 5 as identified on plan HWY-MPH-0000-007.

1.2 Consider the representations received concerning other roads to be included or excluded from the 20mph speed limits in Areas 3, 4 & 5 and authorise the Highway Improvements Manager, Streets Division, to issue any notice required and make any necessary Traffic Management Orders under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) after determination of any objections received.

1.3 Officers to inform the objectors and those who responded in support of the decision.’

For access to papers see:

Other Croydon events

Turf Project events


Thursday 18 May. 11am-9pm. Croydon Cycle Fest

See also:

Monday 22 May. Last Date for Voter Registration

If you know anyone new in your street do ask them whether they have registered to vote. If so they can ring 020 8726 6300.

38 Degrees writes:

‘The government has changed the system for registering people to vote, so the number of 18 year olds registered to vote has plummeted. 25% fewer school-leavers are registered to vote than 3 years ago. …Unless we do something, that means thousands of young people who won’t get a say. And more encouragement for politicians who say that when it comes to elections, young people just don’t matter. Time is running out, but chances are you know young people who aren’t registered to vote – so you’ve still got a few days left to encourage them.’

Monday 22 – Thursday 25 May. 9.30am onwards. Local Plan Public Hearing

The Inspector will be discussing with people making representations on housing intensification, the Green Grid, affordable housing, dwelling mix, housing quality, gypsies and travellers provision and employment and district centres. Members of the public are welcome to attend to listen.

Community Space, Bernard Weatherill House, behind the Town Hall. Entrance in Mint Walk off Fell Rd.

Monday 22 May. 7.30pm. Don’t let them close S. W. London hospitals

‘Your NHS Needs You! Come along and find out about the imminent threats facing your health service in South West London. Let health bosses know that we won’t give up our local hospitals and health services without a fight.’

Bishopsford Road Social Club, Bishopsford Road (off A217), Mitcham/Morden, SM4 6BH.



Tuesday 23 May. 6.30-8pm. Asylum Monologues

Ice & Fire performance arranged by  Croydon Amnesty about the difficulties faced by people seeking asylum in Britain.

Theatre Utopia, Matthews Yard, off Surrey St

Wednesday 24 May, 5-7pm. Faiths Together

See flier image below.

Sunday 11 June. Cdnzines Croydon Street Art Jam

Wednesday 5 July. Thornton Heath in Bloom

Closing date for entries. Organised by Thornton Heath Community Action Team.

Wednesday 19 July. Thornton Heath in Bloom Awards

See 5 July

Faiths Together

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Chartism Day 17 June & other news

Chartism Day: 17 June

Mill End Sports and Social Club, near Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 8QN

Free event, a day of talks and discussion about the Chartists, with lunch, followed by a tour of O’Connorville (Heronsgate) and an evening social at the Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty pub in Heronsgate.


 9.30-10.00. Registration

10.00–10.10. Introduction and Welcome (Katrina Navickas, University of Hertfordshire).

 10.10–10.50. Robert Poole, ‘The 1817 Petitioning Campaign’

11.10–11.50. Les James, ‘Newport Discoveries in Home Office Papers’

11.50–12.30. David Steele, ‘Biscuits, Spirits and Salt-Pork: Provisioning the Troops at the Kennington Common Chartist Demonstration, 1848’


1.30–2.10. Ian Haywood, ‘’Picturing Chartism: News from the Front Line’

2.10–2.50. Malcolm Chase, ‘Chartism and the Land Plan’


3.10–3.40. Katrina Navickas, ‘Mapping the Manchester Land Plan

3.40. Concluding Remarks

4.00-5.30 Tour of Heronsgate. You are welcome to join for all or part of the walk, or drive through the village and meet us at the other end if you are unable to walk the whole way.

Further details and booking form go to

Chartist Ancestors Website – hacked but recovering fast

The Chartist Ancestors website was hacked earlier this year and its research material replaced with spam. As a result it has now moved to a new web address:

Mark Crail who runs the site in his spare time is patiently rebuilding the site and hopes to have the full database, detailing circa 10,000 Chartists from across Chartist Ancestors’ many pages in downloadable form soon.

But in the meanwhile new material is being added, for example a fascinating life of Henry Clubb. In his youth Clubb was the secretary of the Colchester branch of the National Charter Association. Mark has compiled a record of Clubb’s  vegetarianism, pacifism, promotion of utopian settlements and of shorthand (a forgotten radical cause) and membership of the Michigan State Senate. When Henry died, aged 94, in 1921 and was probably the last surviving Chartist. See

Stroud Radical History

An impressive web presence within which there’s considerable amount of Chartist-related material. See for example

Publications on Chartism, 2016 – addenda

This list is still likely to be incomplete. Please send any further items to Malcolm Chase

R.G. Hall, ‘At the dawn of the information age: reading and the working classes in Ashton-under-Lyne, 1830-1850’, in J.J. Connolly et al, Print Culture Histories beyond the Metropolis (Toronto, 2016)

Mike Sanders, ‘The platform and the stage: the primary aesthetics of Chartism’, in P. Yeandle, K. Newey and J. Richards (eds), Politics, performance and popular culture: theatre and society in nineteenth-century Britain (Manchester UP, 2016)

Note: Edited from  Chartism Newsletter No. 18. May 2017 compiled by Professor Malcolm Chase (Leeds Uni). ‘It is not intended to replace the several excellent websites devoted to Chartism, but simply to circulate quickly news and details of events that may be of interest. Feel free to send items ( ) and, equally, to pass this on to anyone who may be interested.’

Other Chartism News

For previous newsletters type Chartism into the search box.

For William Cuffay see:

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Local Plan (Partial Review) Public Hearing starts Tuesday 16 May

Despite the normal custom that consultations are postponed during a General Election period, the Local Plan (Partial Review) Public Hearing is going ahead starting  this Tuesday at 10am with 19 sessions until the end of May.

It is open to members of the public to attend as observers,

and as many as can should try and do so

Day 1: Tuesday 16 May. Session: procedural matters; 2: needs and requirements; 3: land availability and housing provision

Day 2: Wednesday 17 May: Session 4: land available and housing provision – garden land; 5: ditto Opportunity Area; 6: sites in Coulson, Purley, New Addington and Norbury

Day 3: Monday 22 May. Session 7: ditto –areas of focussed intensification.

Day 4: Tuesday 23 May: ditto – Green Grid and specific sites.

Day 5. Wednesday 24 May: Session 9: affordable homes; 10: dwelling mix; 11: housing quality and standards inc. place specific policies

Day 6: Thursday 25 May. Session 12: Gypsies and Travellers; 13: employment and Metropolitan, District Neighbourhood and  Local Centres.

Day 7: Tuesday 30 May: Session 14: tall buildings; 15: local heritage areas, views and landmarks; 16: community facilities and education; 17: sustainable design and construction; 18: transport

Day 8: Wednesday 31 May: Session 19: specific sites

The Hearing will be run as a discussion. The Inspector has decided what can and cannot be discussed. He is emphasising that the focus in on land use, and whether the Plan is based on sound evidence. He can decide the Plan is unsound and not approve it, or he can agree modifications with the Council, or recommend modifications.

Those taking part include the Council, Residents Associations, The Croydon TUC, developers and businesses and individuals, including Gavin Barwell and Chris Philp. The hearing will be an informal discussion rather than a formal evidence and cross-examination process as happened with the Whitgift CPO Inquiry.

The amount of paperwork is massive. All documentation is available on the Council website, The Inspector’s questions to the Council and the replies, the preliminary agendas, etc are at

The final agendas listing all participants have not yet been posted up.

Gavin Barwell is participating in Session 7 and Chris Philip at 7, 8, 11 and 14. The Conservative Councillors Group will also be there for most of the Sessions. They will need to be careful not to be accused of using the Hearing for electioneering purposes, with implications for their election expenses.

The House Builders Federation will participate in Sessions 2-4 and 9; individual house builders and developers at Sessions 2, 3,  5, 8-11, 13, 14, and 16-18. The most prominent of these  participants  is Croydon Plaza Ltd, which is owned by Delancey/Minerva.

A Council EXCEL spread sheet available on the web (no copyable url link) shows that at one point in 2016 it owed the Council over £46,000 in empty property business rates on 2-4 & parts of 22 Park Street.

Unless they have hired a specialist expert, Residents Associations are in a weak position compared with the builders and developers who will have experts supporting them.

I am attending as a participant in most of the Sessions on behalf of Norbury Residents Association Joint Planning Committee, Croydon TUC and Assembly, and as an individual.

If you do attend your feedback will be helpful. Please send it to me at



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North East Coal history book launch 30 May & 2 June

Red Banner Green Rosette

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Gender, Globalisation and Poverty Reduction – trade union course 13 – 15 June


South Thames College is recruiting trade unionists who wish to take part in this three- day Gender, Globalisation and Poverty Reduction course at the

Trade Union Studies Centre

Tooting Centre

71 Tooting High Street

London, SW17 0TQ

The course will feature international and TUC speakers.

Tuesday 13 – Thursday 15 June


The course provides an opportunity to explore the challenges facing women workers in developing countries and how unions can strengthen solidarity efforts to support trade unionists throughout the world.  The training is open to all trade unionists who have a basic interest in international development.

Please apply for this course via the TUC by using  

If you would like further information about the course please contact Angie Birtill 

020 8918 7421

The Trade Union Studies Centre at South Thames College has been delivering part time courses for Trade Union Representatives for over thirty years.

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Between Dog and Wolf: South London Exhibition June

Between Dog and Wolf:

A South London Twilight Exhibition 

Thursday 8 –Thursday 29 June. Thursdays & Fridays 1-6pm; Saturdays 12-4pm. The exhibition explores the histories of Battersea, Herne Hill and the Brighton Road using the work of artists such as Whistler and Ruskin. It examines how traces of the past have left their marks on the landscape and continue to communicate a sense of place today. It accompanies a new book Death On The Brighton Road and Three South London Walks, written by Jon Newman, illustrated by David Western and published by Thamesis. The exhibition is accompanied by a series of guided walks.

Morley Gallery, 61 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7HT

Thursday 15 June. 12:30-1.30pm. Talk

Thursday 15 June. 7pm. William Blake’s Lambeth Walk

Meet beneath the Coade stone Lion at foot of Westminster Bridge, SE1.

Part of Dog & Wolf Exhibition.

Tuesday 20 June. 6-7pm. Dog & Wolf Exhibition Talk

Tuesday 27 June.7pm. John Ruskin’s Herne Hill Walk

Meet outside Herne Hill United Reformed Church corner of Red Post Hill and Herne Hill, SE24

Thursday 29 June, 8.30pm. Battersea Nocturne Walk

Meet beside statue of James Whistler on north side of Battersea Bridge, SW3


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Piano Master Class 20 May


Bromley Youth Music Trust Master class with Murray Mclachlan and concert

2pm ANNA CRAWFORD – Beethoven Piano concerto No. 1 in C major op.15, 1st mvt.

2:20pm AMIRI HAREWOOD – Chopin Fantasy in F minor op.49

2:40pm ASHLEY SOLANO – Haydn Sonata in E minor Hob. XVI/34, 1st mvt.

3pm VINCENT YOUNG – Beethoven Sonata D minor op.31/2, 1st mvt.

3:20pm CLAIRE PEPOSHI – Bach Fugue in F minor BWV857

3:40pm DANIEL CARSTAIRS – Chopin Etude op.25/1 Ab major

4pm DAVID DREEBIN – Beethoven Sonata C minor, op.13 “Pathetique” – 3d mvt.

4:20-5pm break, afternoon tea and refreshments for all guests and participants

5:00pm Murray McLachlan piano recital

6:30pm end

Murray Mclachlan is a concert pianist with over 40 commercial recordings. He has performed with most of the leading U.K. orchestras and on all five continents. He regularly gives recitals and Master classes in the UK.

McLachlan teaches at the Royal Northern College of Music and is a Head of Keyboard at the Chetham’s School of Music. He is a founder of the Manchester International Concerto competition, and is the Founder/Artistic Director of the Chetham’s International Summer school and Festival for Pianists, Europe’s largest summer school devoted exclusively to the piano.

He also edits “Piano Professional Magazine”, as is Chair of the UK section of the EPTA (European Piano Teachers’ Association).


Performers: £10 (covers participation and recital)

Public observation of Master class: £10

Audience for recital performance only: £6

Entry to both events: £15

Concert Hall

Bromley Youth Music Trust, Bromley Youth Music Centre
Southborough Lane, Bromley, Kent, BR2 8AA

020 8467 1566

Note: my late mother was an active member of EPTA.  One of her former pupils Fred Scott, a co-founder of the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Network, and former Head of the Croydon Music Service Piano Centre is BYMT’s Director & Coordinator of the Composition classes.

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