Are You Running Out of Books To Read?

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I have a range of books and pamphlets for sale which can either be delivered to, collected by or posted to you. A percentage of the sale price will be donated to Ruskin House, where I was running  bookstalls at events before lockdown. The subject areas  are mainly history: Battersea,  British Black Britain, Croydon, Lambeth, protest and social justice campaigns, There are also miscellaneous, Croydon authors,  plus a section of second-hand books. Items marked (*) by my. H&SAP is my publishing imprint History & Social Action Publications.

Orders can be placed with me by emailing: sean.creighton1947@btinternet.

Payment will be by bank or PayPal transfer on an invoice.


Battersea’s Global Reach. The Story of Price’s Candles. Jon Newman. H&SAP. 2009. £5 – lockdown special offer price £3.

Battersea Nocturne. Walk around Whistler’s Battersea and Chelsea. Jon Newman. Thamesis Publishing. £6.  See also Jon’s books under Lambeth.

Battersea’s Women’s Activism 1890s-1914. Socialists, Suffragists and Suffragettes against John Burns. H&SAP. 2018. £2. (*)

Caroline Ganley. Terence Chapman. Biography of socialist, Labour and co-operative activist and expert on mothers and children’s health and welfare, who was Battersea and ILEA Councillor, Battersea South MP (1945-51). H&SAP. 2018. £8.

From Exclusion to Political Control. Radical and Working Class Organisation in Battersea 1830s-1918. H&SAP. 2016 reprint. £1. (*)

See also John Archer below.

Black British History & Fiction

Black Americans in Victorian Britain. Jeffrey Green. Another indispensable book by Jeff, like his out of print Black Edwardians. Pen & Sword. 2018. £12.99.

Black and British. A Forgotten History. David Olusoga. Book that became the BBC TV programme. Pan. 2017. £12.99.

Black Poppies. Britain’s Black Community and the Great War. Stephen Bourne. History Press. 2019. £12.99.

Black Tudors. The Untold Story. Excellent book by Miranda Kaufmann, one of the organisers of the What’s Happening in Black British History? conferences. One World. 2017. £9.99.

BRITish. On Race, Identity and Belonging. Afua Hirsch. Critique of Britain being in denial about its imperia past and the racism that plaques us now. Vintage. 2018. £9.99.

Coleridge-Taylor. A Centenary Celebration. Jeffrey Green. H&SAP in association with Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Network. for the Croydon 2012 Festival. Reprinted 2019. £4.

Esther Bruce. A Black London Seamstress. Her Story 1912-1994. Stephen Bourne and Esther Bruce. H&SAP.  2010. £4.

John Archer. Battersea’s Black Progressive and Labour Activist 1863-1932. H&SAP. 2014. £4. Special lockdown price of £3. (*)

Mother Country. Britain’s Black Community on the Home Front 1939-45. Stephen Bourne.  History Press. 2010.  £14.99.

The Unfortunate Colonel Despard. See above under Lambeth.

Washington Black. Esi Edugyan. Noel about a Barbados sugar plantation inspired by a true story. Serpent’s Tail. 2018. £8.99.

Young Gifted and Black. 52 Black Heroes from past and present. Jamia Wilson, illustrated by Andrea Pippins. 2018 Wide Eyed Editions. £9.99.

Windrush. A Ship Through Time. Paul Arnott. The History Press. 2018. £20 (hbk).

Books for Children

A Dance to Remember. Lorna Liverpool. Story about Kaa’hina  practising her African dance routine. Lorna lives in Croydon. The book is illustrated by Sarah-Louise Hibbs. 2017. £6.99.

The Hidden Treasures Within. Lorna Liverpool. Story about Kaa’hinna learning about the history of Ancient Kemet. 2017. £6.99.


Consumed by Fire. The destruction of Croydon Parish Church in 1867 and its rebuild. Brian Lancaster. Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society. September 2016. £4.50.

Croydon’s Black African & Caribbean History before the Windrush. An Introduction. H&SAP. 2019. £3. (*)

Gardeners and Guardians of the Earth. The Lives of The Rev. William Wilks – of Shirley Poppy Fame, Mary Sibthorp, Addiscombe’s Pioneer Ecologist (and campaigner for refugees from Nazi terror), and George Clinch, Local Antiquarian. Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society. September 2010. £3.50.

Peace and anti-war campaigning in Croydon from 1916-1950s. H&SAP. 2018. £1. (*)

Strange Bedfellows. Croydon’s Slave Owners and Historians. Ron Cox, Sean Creighton and Brian Lancaster. Includes my essay on slave-owners. Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society. September 2016. £5.

Croydon Authors (additional to those under Croydon)

Protest And The Politics of Space and Place 1789-1848. Katrina Navickas. Superb analysis by Katrina a historian who lives in Croydon. Manchester University Press. 2016. £20.

The Conspiracy of Good Taste. Stefan Szczelkun. An analysis of the suppression of working class culture. A critique of William Morris, Cecil Sharp and Clough Williams Ellis.  Essential reading for Croydon cultural activists ad for labour historians. Routine Art. 2016. £9.99.

The Failed Experiment. And how to build an economy that works. Andrew Fisher. Radical Read. 2014. Croydon resident who used to work in Jeremy Corbyn’s Office analyses the financial crisis. The publisher has stopped publishing due to age. I was helping the late Ted Knight to sell the small remaining stock to raise money for Ruskin House. £3. All the money from the sale if this will still go to Ruskin House.

The Selected Poems of James P. Hotckhkiss. Witty poems by Croydon author; and some about Croydon. The Butterfly Book Club. 2019. £7.50.

Will Hay. Graham Rinaldi. Biography of the comic and film star who lived in Norbury. Tomahawk Press. 2009. £14.95.


Kennington Common 10 April 1848. Chartism in Lambeth – an introduction. H&SAP. 2018. £2. (*)

Kennington 1848. Our Story. Booklet about the Kennington Chartist Project. Friends of Kennington Park. Independent Publishing Network. 2019. £4.

Kennington 1848. Another Look. Collected essays about the Chartist demonstration on Kennington Common in April 1848,, including S. I, Martin on William Cuffay, Marietta Crichton Stuart on Chartist women and the vote, and Katrina Navikas on Protest and Public Space. Friends of Kennington Park. Independent Publishing Network. 2019. £4.

Lambeth History. Collection of Miscellaneous Notes. (George Whitfield on Kennington Common 1873; Georgian Period: Hercules Buildings & Punishment of Apprentices; John George, Spencean and Chartist; Radical and Labour Movement Activity 1842-1916; Lambeth, Africa, Anti-Slavery and Black History; Streatham Philharmonic and Symphony Orchestras and Samuel Coleridge-Taylor 1920-22; and Land Nationalisation and Taxation Campaigning 1896-1921.) H&SAP. 2017. £1. (*)

Lambeth Radicalism before Chartism. H&SAP. 2019. £4. (*)

Lost in Herne Hill. Beautifully written walk around John Ruskin’s Herne Hill by Lambeth Archivist Jon Newman in his South London Walks series. Thamesis Publications. 2017. £6

Lovely Lambeth. Beautifully written walk around William Blake’s North by Jon Newman in his South London Walks series. Thamesis Publications. 2017. £6.

Organising Together. A Historical Review of Co-operative and Mutual Social Action. H&SAP. 2018 re-print. £2.

Railwaymen and Brunswick House. A preliminary introduction. H&SAP. 2018 reprint. £1. (*)

River Efra. South London’s Secret Spine. Excellent exploration and walk guide by Jon Newman, one of Lambeth’s archivists. Signal. 2016. £10.

The Unfortunate Colonel Despard and the British Revolution that Never Happened. Mike Jay.  2019. Despard and many of his supporters were based in Lambeth when he was arrested and executed for plotting a rising. Littlebrown. £12.99.


Bridget Riley. A Very Very Person.  Her Early Years. Paul Moorhouse. Riding House. £20.00

Learning About Community. Oxford House in Bethnal Green 1940-48. Peter Kuenstler. Rich account of Peter’s work at the Settlement. H&SAP for Oxford House and the Settlements & Social Action Research Group.  2004. £5 – special lockdown price of £3.

Levellers Movement, The. An Account of perhaps the fIrst political movement to represent the ordinary people. SERTUC.  2015. £2.

Mazes 1. Murder in Munich & Mazes 2. Conspiracy in Vienna.  Eric Sanders. 100 year old Eric lives in Croydon. These two books are a novels about the rise of Nazism and the murder of a British diplomat in Munich, New Generation Publishing. £10.

Orphans of Empire. The fate of London’s foundlings. Helen Berry. The story of the London Foundling Hospital. Oxford University Press. 2019. £20.

Peterloo Massacre. The. Robert Reid. Windmill Books. 2018 reprint of 1989 edition. £9.99.


Protest. Britain on the march. Photos of protests : The Suez Crisis, the Rhodesia Question, Political, Grenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, Black People’s Day of Action, Civil Rights. Mirropix. The History Press. 2019. £12.99 (hbk).

Secret Operations. From Music to Morse and Beyond. Eric Sanders. Autobiography. Eric tells his story of growing up as a Jew in Vienna, his escape from Austria shortly after the Nazi take over, his work with Jewish refugees in Britain, his experiences as a soldier, including in Special Operations Executive. Historyweb Ltd. £10.

Wind From Peterloo, The. 1819 – Newcastle’s great reform demonstration. John Charlton. Story of Newcastle’s protest at the Peterloo Massacre. H&SAP. 2018. £3.

Secondhand Books

Breadline Britain. The Rise of Mass Poverty. Stewart Lansley & Joanna Mack.  One World. 3025. £3.

Chartist Land Company. Alice Mary Hadfield. David & Charles. 1970. £5 (hbk).

Dick Sheppard. A biography. Carolyn Scott. Christian social activist and Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields for 12 years. Hodder & Stoughton. 1977. £2.50 (hbk).

Dictionary of American History.  Min Lee (ed). Larousse. 1994. £2.

Dignity of Chartism, The. Dorothy Thompson. Essays edited by Stephen Roberts. Verso. 2015. £5.

Employers’ Offensive, The.  Productivity deals and how to fight them. Tony Cliff.  Pluto Press. 1970 3rd edition. £2.

Everyday Fashions of the 20th Century. Avril Lansdell.  Shire Publications. 1999. £3.

Fighting Racism in World War II. A week-by-week account of the struggle against racism and discrimination in the United States during 1939-45. C.L.R. James and others. Pathfinder. 1980. £4.

History and Imagery in British Churches. M. D. Anderson. John Murray. 1995. £3.

  1. A. Hobson. A Reader. Michael Freeden (ed). Unwin Hyman. 1988. £2.

Lancashire Gentleman, A. The letters and Journals of Richard Hodgkinson 1763-1847. Florence % Kenneth Wood (ed). Alan Sutton. 1002. £5 (hbk).

Law and Disorder. John Alderson.  Former Chief Constable and advocate of community policing. Hamish Hamilton. 1984. £5 (hbk).

Life of Charles Gore.  G. L. Prestige. William Heinemann.  1935. £5 (hbk).

Past and The Present Revisited, The. Lawrence Stone. Essays of the period Tudors to early 18thC and historiography. Routledge & Kegan Paul. 1987. £3.

Police and the Public, The. An Enquiry. C. H. Rolph. Heinemann. 1962. £3 (hbk).

Science & Social Action. Stephen Boddington. Allison & Busby 1978. £5 (hbk).

Secret Vysocany Congress, The. Proceedings and Documents of the Extraordinary Fourteenth Conference of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, 22 August 1968. Jiri Pelikan (ed). Allen Lane. 1971. £5 (hbk).

Social Policy. A Critical Introduction. Fiona Williams.  Polity Press. 1993 reprint. £2.

Spain 1936-1939. Jose Sandova; & Manuel Azcarate.  Lawrence & Wishart. 1966. £2.

To Make That Future Now! A History of the Manchester and Salford Trades Council. Edmund and Ruth Frow. E. J. Morton Publishers. 1976. (£5 (hbk).

Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism. Paul Sweezy, Maurice Dobb, and others. New Left Books. 1976. ££5 (hbk).

About seancreighton1947

I have lived in Norbury since July 2011. I blog on Croydon, Norbury and history events,news and issues. I have been active on local economy, housing and environment issues with Croydon TUC and Croydon Assembly. I have submitted views to Council Committees and gave evidence against the Whitgift Centre CPO and to the Local Plan Inquiry. I am a member of Norbury Village Residents Association and Chair of Norbury Community Land Trust, and represent both on the Love Norbury community organisations partnership Committee. I used to write for the former web/print Croydon Citizen. I co-ordinate the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Croydon Radical History Networks and edit the North East Popular Politics history database. I give history talks and lead history walks. I retired in 2012 having worked in the community/voluntary sector and on heritage projects. My history interests include labour, radical and suffrage movements, mutuality, Black British, slavery & abolition, Edwardian roller skating and the social and political use of music and song. I have a particular interest in the histories of Battersea and Wandsworth, Croydon and Lambeth. I have a publishing imprint History & Social Action Publications.
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  7. Szczelkun says:

    A very fine selection of book (altho My own book is included so I would think that wouldn’t I!) I wonder if you got any response to this generous offer? and even if you didn’t, thanks for promoting local authors. Have you read my SiLENCE! yet? What did you think? I have a new book (yes already!) coming out on the 10th October ‘Plotlands of Shepperton’ – which tries a new relation between words and photographs (seems to work going on some expert previews)
    Best Wishes

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